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space race and why does NASA Establishes so lets start The mid -to-late 20th century saw the emergence of a keen competition between the united states of America (USA) and the soviet union, the most powerful nations after the second world war, for technological suremacy in space; this was the ‘space race;which grew out of the ongoing  cold war that had spread not only on the Earth but also in space . both the countries vied with each other to be the pioneer in space exploration and launching of satellites and other technological innovations in space. the successful launch of sputnik 1 was followed by the establishment of the NASA, and around twelve years later human beings set foot upon the moon for the first time. today, the space shuttle, an American spaceship driven by rockets, is used to take researchers and astronauts to the ISS-a space station constructed in space. WHY was the NASA established? The national Aeronautics and space Administration (NASA) was founded in the USA in 1958, NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is a United States government agency that is responsible for science and technology related to air and space. The administrator is in charge of NASA. The NASA administrator is nominated by the president and confirmed by a vote in the Senate. What does NASA do..? Many people know something about NASA’s work. But most probably have no idea about how many different things the agency does. Astronauts in orbit conduct scientific research. Satellites help scientists learn more about Earth. Space probes study the solar system, and beyond. New developments improve air travel and other aspects of flight. NASA is also beginning a new program to send humans to explore beyond the moon to Mars. In addition to those major missions, NASA does many other things. The agency shares what it learns, so that its information can make life better for people all over the world. For example, companies can use NASA discoveries to create new “spin-off” products. NASA’s Education Office helps teachers to prepare the students who will be the engineers, scientists, astronauts and other NASA workers of the future. They will be the adventurers who will continue the exploration of the solar system and universe in the years to come. NASA has a tradition of investing in programs and activities that inspire and engage students, educators, families and communities in the excitement and discovery of exploration. NASA offers training to help teachers learn new ways to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The agency also involves students in NASA missions to help them get excited about learning. because the americans no longer wanted to be overshadowed by the soviet union in the field of space technology. the NASA worked feverishly on sending human beings into space as soon as possible. however, the soviets were ahead of them, and the soviet pilot and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to circle around the Earth within a span of 108 minutes on april 1961. A month later, the USA gave proof of their technological mettle. alan B. Shepard, an American naval aviator , took a 15- minute suborbital flight in space. In February 1962, the american astronaut John Glenn succeeded in circling the Earth three times within Five hours. animals were sent into space before human beings-her the female dog Laika is seen aboard sputnik2. here come next question who or what was Sputnik? sputnik 1 was radio satellite, which the soviet Union sent into an orbit 900 km above the Earth in october 1957. The Americans were shocked at this huge technological achievement of the soviet Union, brought to their notice by the beeps from space- this reaction came to be known as the ‘sputnik shock;the soviet success went ever further. in November 1957, a female dog by the name of laika circled the Earth in sputnik 2 and became the first living creature to travel in space. however, it died before reaching the Earth. the Americans made their mark in 1958 when they launched a satellite in space, which conducted scientific studies while in orbit. when Niel Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin first set foot upon the moon they hoisted  theire national flag of theire home country USA . this was the reason behind start of the space war and this walso reason behind establishment of NASA tankue for reading if have any question querry please do ask in comment  ]]>

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