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It is during tactical missions when a military timepiece truly shines. When it comes to functionality, durability, and features, this robust piece of equipment does more than what a standard watch is designed to do. Primarily, it is crafted in such a way that saves a life. No wonder, military watches are a must-have EDC for survivalists and those whose job entails putting their lives at risk. 

However, that doesn’t mean that civilians can’t wear them. Tactical timepieces are stylish and functional enough for office workers, adventurers, and those with an active lifestyle. And if you desire to wear a watch featuring mil-spec performance, it’s imperative to know everything about a military timepiece. 

Reasons why a military watch is worth it

Watch collectors have an endless fascination with military men’s watches. That’s because they are exclusively designed for infantrymen, special operators, and divers. What makes them unique is the lack of superfluous design elements. Yes, you just get what is essential to get the job done, and that gives them a special kind of beauty.

The following are some of the signature features of military watches automatic, making them mission-ready. 

Ease of use 

Military watches are user-friendly, as they are simple to operate and read. In addition, they are minimalistic and don’t come with any design element that impedes their functionality. For instance, a cluttered dial is not so legible. In the same way, it’s almost impossible to use a special dive bezel that doesn’t turn smoothly.


A tactical watch features a heavy-duty case, which is machined from a material that is extremely resistant to harsh environmental conditions, corrosion, and impact. Prior to the use of stainless steel, sterling silver and nickel-coated base metals were used. Today, plastics are becoming a more common choice among watchmakers.


Military watches, whether they are powered by quartz or mechanical movement, should always be dependable. The movement must be designed to function in heat, cold, and at high altitudes. Also, if battery-powered, the timepiece must feature extremely efficient and long-lasting batteries. 


The absence of a luminous compound on the dial makes the readability of time in dim-lit environments virtually impossible. Thus, a military timepiece is designed with some sort of system for illumination. However, it’s worth noting that watches worn in the military should be covered to keep the enemy from spotting the luminosity from afar.


Tactical watches are also known for their ease of serviceability. Watch parts can break when used in the most adverse conditions, which is why they are designed in such a way that can simply be changed or upgraded. 

Discover the best military watches from Praesidus 

Bringing back the glory of WW2, Praesidus recreates genuine vintage military watches worn by the fallen heroes and veterans who fought in battle. The brand offers some of the most historic A-11 timepieces that take you down memory lane. 

A-11 White Dial, Leather Strap 

Available in 38mm and 42 mm sizes, this vintage timepiece takes inspiration from the iconic A-11 watch specification developed by the US Army for watchmakers during the Second World War. It features a minimalist cream-white dial with black filled indexes designed for easy readability in dim-light environments. 

A-11 Black Dial, Canvas Strap 

Paying homepage to WW2 veteran Tom Rice and the men who fought alongside him in the Battle of Normandy, this iconic military watch sports a night-black dial and cream-filled indexes for perfect visibility in low-lit conditions. It is powered by an NH35 automatic movement for accurate and precise time-telling.  

A-11 Black Dial, Nylon Strap 

With a night-black dial with cream-filled indexes, this is the ultimate vintage WW2 timepiece for collectors. Its nylon strap is adjustable and form-fitting to any wrist size. It comes with a surgical grade stainless steel case featuring a sandblasted finish. For scratch resistance and robustness, it is also equipped with a double dome mineral glass with AR coating. 

Military watches are a great choice for combat and casual settings alike. Featuring the highest standard in watchmaking, they are your perfect companion in tactical missions and extreme adventures. So, check out Praesidus’s watches and choose the one that suits your vibe. The creations of the brand are assembled in the USA and adhere to the highest quality horological standards.  

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