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When last did you see an eye doctor? Most people hardly visit an eye doctor unless they have a problem. While you do not need as many visits, a comprehensive exam every few years is recommended, helping you maintain sharp and healthy vision. More frequent visits are essential if you have conditions like diabetes or glaucoma. Moreover, yearly visits are necessary if you have a prescription or are wearing Jacksonville glasses. Comprehensive eye exams include visual acuity tests and special eye charts, to mention a few, ensuring that you get accurate and reliable results. Apart from the routine visits, here are some signs that you should see an eye doctor.

Frequent headaches

What have headaches got to do with vision? While not obvious, your sight might have changed, resulting in concerns such as strained eyes, the cause of the frequent headaches. Since the vision change is slow, you might not notice it. The eye doctor will examine and establish if the headaches are due to sight problems. You will then get an updated prescription if you already have one or get new glasses, among other treatment options.

Light sensitivity

Are you suddenly sensitive to light? This could be due to a more serious problem, especially as it is usually a symptom of infections, diseases, or eye disorders. Light sensitivity could be due to eye irritation or inflammation. Wearing the right glasses and being gentle with your eyes helps, but you should see the doctor as soon as possible.

Sight problems

Have you lost vision, either in one or both eyes? This could indicate a serious problem, including stroke, and warrants emergency care. Other vision problems like blurred, double vision, blind spots, and tunnel vision also require immediate attention and could indicate a retinal detachment or closed-angle glaucoma. You will avoid significant damage that could be challenging to manage with immediate attention.


Infrequent and/or mild pain is no cause for alarm. Nonetheless, if it is intense and recurring, you should see an eye doctor. Whether in one or both eyes, such pain could be a sign of serious issues. This includes inflammation, corneal abrasion, or closed-angle glaucoma. This requires immediate and professional attention.

Dry, itchy, and burning eyes

Burning eyes or itching is not just uncomfortable but could also be a sign of a bigger problem brewing. For instance, itching could be due to an allergic reaction, easily manageable through eye drops or shots. It could also be due to infections such as pink eye or conjunctivitis. As such, DIY might not be the best approach as you could aggravate the situation.

Near/distant vision

Are you squinting to make out those tiny prints? Near or distant sight problems can strain your eyes. If you have a prescription, it could be time for a change.

Sight changes as you age are normal. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should let it slide when you notice issues such as night blindness. Visit Wolchok Eye Associates for routine checks, prescription updates, and all eyes-related consultation and care.

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