Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has secured its position as one of the highly developed cities of the world. With continuous efforts from its people and an enormous amount of fuel resources, Abu Dhabi was declared the richest city per capita. With an inclusive and rich culture, the city was able to construct a number of eye-catching skyscrapers and plenty of good educational institutes for the growing generation.

Finding a good nursery for your loved one that just started going to school, can be a troublesome task. Parents often find it hard to even begin their search for good nurseries and preschools. Most nurseries today offer the same curriculum and follow the same, outdated, teaching methods in their classrooms. Outdated teaching methods often fail to develop a student’s interest in education.

However, looking further would help parents realize that there are some schools that follow unconventional methods to produce the best possible results. These are the schools that turn the process of learning into a fun activity for your little ones and induce a sense of responsibility in them towards their education. Parents should look out for such schools that follow modern educational frameworks that are specifically designed to keep up with the pace of this ever-growing world. After all, a tower of achievements can only be built when the foundation is strong.

Which Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi produce the best results through their unconventional framework?

As mentioned above, some schools take learning one step ahead with their creative, well-researched, ground-breaking teaching methods. For all parents looking for the Best Schools in Abu Dhabi, there are a plethora of options. Schools such as Global Indian International, Spring fields Nurseries, etc offer their students maximum room for growth with their award-winning educational frameworks.

Since the nursery is a time for creative exploration in a student’s life, these frameworks were designed to boost their imagination and to improve their critical thinking. Conventional frameworks, followed by conventional schools, often focus on textbook learning. Textbook learning is undoubtedly an important teaching method that teachers followed in the past, however, this method can not match the needs of the modern world.

These schools focus on turning your loved ones into fine individuals. They try to instil professionalism and proficiency through time management in the actions of each student. Focusing on overall development, these frameworks maintain an optimum balance between classrooms and fields. External trips and other co-curricular activities are also introduced in the curriculum to boost team spirit and leadership qualities amongst the students.

GIIS Programs and the 9GEMS framework: A guide to comfort for students and their parents

GIIS is an international school of Indian origin, that has made its name not just in the glorious city of Abu Dhabi, but in the whole world. Their establishment in Abu Dhabi provides courses to Kindergarten and Nursery students. The classes have been updated and improved by the 9GEMS educational framework that has been developed and adopted by the school. 

This school offers students a variety of the world’s best curriculums to choose from. All of these curriculums are aimed at providing holistic development to young ones. Especially for nursery students, the teachers attempt to deepen the interest the children have in education. GIIS has consistently delivered astonishing results, developing students into fine individuals capable of great deeds.

But having read about GIIS and other schools that are known to surpass the barriers of conventional education, one often wonders about the different factors that make these schools special.

Best Nursery schools in Abu Dhabi and their campuses

Children need ample space to grow. In a small campus or a tight classroom, students often don’t find enough space for exploration. This can cause a hindrance to their growth. Nursery schools in Dubai have widely spread out campuses that are well equipped with sports equipment and advanced teaching equipment. 

Since modern frameworks of education truly believe in the importance of physical fitness in a student’s life, these schools maintain courts, playfields, etc inside their campuses. Cutting-edge technology is used in the classrooms to increase the student’s imaginative prowess. However ample campus space is not the only plus point these schools have over others.  

Teachers of the best nursery schools in Abu Dhabi

Teachers are the most important resource any school can have. Without teachers, a school would not just fail to produce results but would fail to function altogether. Hence any school needs to have a team of trained professionals. Schools with advanced frameworks are known to be highly dependent on their workforce since it is the teachers that enforce the advanced frameworks and their respective teaching methods in the classroom. 

Teachers create a home-like environment for your little ones inside their classrooms. With comfort and mental relief, a student is better able to grasp the concepts that are being discussed in class. This in turn produces better results and gives them the confidence to take on the challenges of future education head-on.


Apart from an amazing set of teachers and spread-out campuses, the schools that follow modern frameworks are known to provide multiple curriculums to their students. Students can choose from a range of curriculums, the subjects that interest them the most. This selection process automatically increases their interest and dedication towards their subjects and classrooms. 


Parents often worry about the future of their young ones. Hence selecting a good school often becomes a very important decision. Parents should only choose a school for their loved ones after conducting thorough research about all the schools that are within their reach. A city like Abu Dhabi has a great number of schools, but only a few of them truly stand out in their teaching methods. Schools like GIIS, Abu Dhabi truly make learning a magical experience for students as well as the parents, who find all their worries about their young ones, magically disappearing.


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