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Hat SEO Techniques

If you are following the rules of Google perfectly, and making optimizations based on the user, then you are probably performing White Hat SEO strategies. You need to create quality content for your users who will read and share it actively.  

The website you create must be unique and different from others in your niche. Give priorities to your users, over anything else. To boost your traffic, you can follow the strategies mentioned below.

Provide quality content:

The quality of the content is considered as the soul of the website because of its significance. It makes you rank better in the search engines. The New York SEO is a great option if you need further guidance. Just writing good will not be enough, though.  

The topic, keywords, age, length and links, also enhance its quality. The content must be perfect in length and relevance. Try to gather as much information as you can before commencing with the content. Provide it with authoritative links.

User intent:

A mission named “user intent” was processed by Google, which was done to deliver appropriate search results based on the searcher’s motivations. Therefore, right from your content up to side layout, whatever you do, must be based on the user’s intension, who navigates and visits your website via search engines.

To accomplish this, focus on website development by understanding your audience’s behavior. Try to be sure that your users are well informed or not, or they are going to make a purchase right now or not. 

Maximize the user experience:

Meeting demands of the user for the betterment of user experience takes white hat techniques one step ahead. There exists an enormous range of signals that allows Google to identify bad website experiences. Keeping this in mind, you need to prioritize user experience while you are working and building your website. 

Your website must not be a slow loading one. It will make the user leave your website before even reaching the main part of the content. Always update your websites according to your users’ reviews.

Robust keyword research:

If we compare the strategies with the past, we will notice a massive change in research. Therefore, unlike earlier, a good response is not given by the search engine of Google to simple keywords anymore. Instead, it checks the appropriation and authenticity of the keywords, considering the user’s requirements. 

The recent concept of “keywords” does not refer to single terms, but too long phrases, that are placed in a niche. You need to make use of long phrases naturally and make it relevant to the topic.

Make it mobile-friendly:

If you fail to focus on mobile quality first, then you are lagging. With the change in technology and days, the numbers of mobile device users are increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to make your website mobile-friendly, so that your content can be read on any mobile phones, from any part of the world he or she is residing in.

It is not difficult to make a mobile-friendly website nowadays, as there are several apps and tools available out there to help you.


The best thing about White Hat SEO is that they are future-proof. Focus on the content quality, so that a sudden update does not make your work undone. Immune your content by providing quality content, keywords, site designs and links, to increase the traffic on your website. But, before proceeding further, you need to make some robust strategies based on your users’ demands.

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