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In summer we wear white jeans! You can read here which cut the trouser trend should have in summer 2020 and which shades of white we use.

White jeans are the summer classics. Even if the white tones and cuts of light-colored jeans vary from year to year, white jeans never go completely out of fashion. However, not every woman dares to wear bright summer trousers. But why? We know how the look works for every type of woman and figure. 

Who are white jeans for?

Are you wearing white trousers and are only for slim women? Not correct. Because it all depends on the cut of the pants. Once you have found the white jeans model that is tailored to your figure, every woman can wear white trousers – without them cheating us extra pounds on her hips. When buying white jeans, make sure that the pants are not too tight. In general, you should opt for a slightly wider cut for light-colored pants instead of skin-tight skinny jeans. Light-colored fabrics are a bit bulkier but flatter our figure as soon as they are a little looser. So choose, for example, jeans with a straight cut or boyfriend style. This summer we are on the way to jeans in cream white. The color also makes us look a bit slimmer than jeans in bright white. If you love tribal patterns, you can combine your white jeans with a dashiki shirt.

best summer dresses

White jeans: these models will be trendy in 2020

Combine white pants: You should consider these things when styling

A bit of skill and creativity is required when combining white jeans. But with a few tricks and tweaks, your look will become an eye-catcher. For the top, you can choose flowing blouses, striped shirts, summer knitwear, or loose tops made of light fabrics. When it comes to the color palette, you should mainly use soft shades. Pastel tones or a light gray look good in combination with white pants. But light blue denim shirts also look great with them. Black is always possible, of course. Many fashion girls are also opting for the all-white look this summer – but make sure that the pants and top are nice and loose and give the outfit a finishing touch with accessories, otherwise, you will quickly have the unwanted hospital look. 

Which underwear with white pants?

The fashion world is definitely on our side in terms of comfort in summer 2020. Because white jeans this year come in slightly thicker denim – so nothing can see through. If you still want to be on the safe side, we recommend seamless panties in the color of your skin – so nothing shines through. We love these underpants from Iris & Lilly.

Which shoes do you wear with white jeans?

We prefer to wear sneakers or mules with white jeans. But actually, that’s up to you, of course. The only rule: the shoes should look summery and light to support the look of the white jeans. Cloth sneakers are perfect for this, such as Chucks, Vans, or platform sneakers from Superga. If you want to lengthen the leg optically, you can of course also wear pumps with white jeans. The possibilities are endless!

Puff-sleeved dresses are the fashion trend in 2021

Almost nothing is more feminine than cute dresses with puff sleeves. We have seen the puff-sleeved dresses several times on the streets of the popular fashion capitals, as well as in various online shops. We are not surprised that fashion experts and designers are now giving their clothes this cut again. They give even monochrome clothes that certain something – and even hide supposed problem areas on our arms. Besides, they are still light and airy and look just as elegant – ideal for warm summer days and evenings! What more do we want? There are also puff-sleeved dresses in a wide variety of designs: plain, floral, patterned, mini, midi, maxi, short-sleeved, long-sleeved – yes, the selection is huge. Here we have compiled our favorite models from the online shops for you:

How do you wear puff-sleeved dresses?

The good thing about puff-sleeved dresses: Once you have decided on them, you don’t need to worry about your look any further. When it comes to shoes, almost anything is possible here: heavy biker boots, sneakers, sandals – you can even wear cowboy boots with your puff-sleeved dress. If you decide on a simple variant, you can also score points with accessories. A waist belt, for example, looks great with puff-sleeved dresses. You should only be vigilant when choosing a jacket. Use cardigans or other jackets with wide sleeves so that your puffed sleeves have enough space!

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