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GPS Tracking Device

GPS technology is becoming popular in recent years. It helps us when we go to an unknown place. Also, it helps us decide which route we should take while going somewhere. Even it is useful for those people who enjoy long-distance hike and hunting as well.

When it is about outdoor activities, especially hunting, we need to be cautious enough while choosing the GPS. All GPS devices aren’t ideal for hunting, and we should get a GPS unit which can track the exact trail that we use while traveling through woods and land. Besides that, the GPS device should provide us with additional information such as time, speed, distance, weather, etc. If you are a hunter, then you might know how helpful this information can be. And every GPS can’t deliver you such result. In this review, we will discuss such type of GPS tracker, which is the Bushnell BackTrack D GPS.

It comes with fantastic features to notice. For its performance, many hunters consider this device as the best hunting GPS. So, let’s check out its functions:


The Bushnell BackTrack D is an excellent GPS available in the market today. The engineers of the device use high-quality materials to ensure ultimate durability. And they give it a beautiful and compact design. Not only that but they also make the device weather-resistant. As a result, it can withstand any harsh environment and provide users high performance.


As you know, Backtrack GPS devices tend to come with standard features like they mark waypoints and display distance details. But the Bushnell BackTrack D has something more to offer. It features some latest technologies, such as auto-time, temperature, and altitude. It can show detail information regarding longitudes, latitudes, and weather details. And to display more details, it has the precision digital compass with latitude and longitude.

Storage & Connectivity

The Bushnell BackTrack D comes with storage feature. It can record speed, distance, temperature, and elevation. The significant feature that you will notice is it can log up to 48 hours of trip data. Besides that, it keeps track of repeated trails. And it marks up to five locations. After marking locations and recording data, this GPS device allows users to share the data via social media and email. And users can connect the device using Windows Pc and MAC. 


The hunting GPS runs on 3 AAA batteries and allows users to use the device for an extended time. The only drawback of the Bushnell BackTrack D is it doesn’t come with the batteries.

Other Essential Features

The Bushnell BackTrack D features high-quality optics, and it shows data with stunning HD clarity. The screen type of the device is Grayscale LCD, and its dimension is 1.625 by 1.625. The hunting GPS is lightweight; its weight is around 25 pounds with batteries. As a result, users can conveniently carry and use the unit. Its overall measurement is .75 by 4.125 by .875 inches. In summary, it can be suitable stuff that all hunters can use to track their paths. 


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Attractive design
  • Can record data
  • Support Windows and MAC
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • The Batteries aren’t included


The Bushnell BackTrack D comes with impressive features that meet the requirements of hunters and hikers. It performs these functions very well. It shows the trail details accurately, and it keeps the users aware of weather by providing details information. Besides that, it lets them share the data via social media or email. The GPS unit enables to store their essential data as well. The significant feature of the Bushnell BackTrack D is fitness enthusiast also can use this device as it can record courses. So, undoubtedly, this hunting device can be useful in many ways. And thus, its fame is increasing day by day. Overall, it is excellent stuff that you may choose for your next outdoor trip.

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