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Why Choose Homegrown Cannabis Company

Homegrown Cannabis Company is a shop for all kinds of weed seeds, marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds, or whatever one wants to refer them to. With over 400 various types of weed seeds, you can be sure there is something for everyone. 

The company makes growing cannabis a worthy adventure, whether one is a beginner or a pro, and here is how;- 

Great Reputation 

For the years, Homegrown Cannabis Company has been in business; it has managed to build an excellent reputation for itself. It is a common adage that reputation and respect are not bought but earned. 

And frankly, Homegrown has earned every bit of the good things customers have to say about the brand. The company not only offers high-quality weed seeds but also guides growers on how to get the best out of their seeds. 

As a result, it is not uncommon to find reputable brands and sites referring customers to but their weed seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Company. Besides, if the dozens of customer reviews online are anything to go by, then the company truly has built a name for itself. 

Top-Notch Weed Seeds

One would be forgiven to think that cannabis seed breeding is an easy task. On the contrary, it is quite a complex task, a keen eye and years of experience, only gained from the best. 

As one gets their seeds from Home Grown Cannabis Company, one can be assured that they are getting nothing but the best. Only highly trained and experienced professionals work at Homegrown Cannabis Company. 

These staffs do their due diligence when breeding to ensure they produce the best. They do not merely pick random species and cross them. Instead, they spend days on end, studying the pros and cons of one breed, to understand how best to enhance the advantageous traits while suppressing the inferior qualities. 

Wide Variety to Choose From 

Thanks to the development of science and technology, breeders are coming up with new cannabis strains every day. These strains happen to be more resilient and produce plenty of high-quality yields. 

When selecting the strain to plant, there are few things to have at the back one’s mind. These include; 

  • The purpose of growing cannabis. Is it for recreation, culinary or medicinal purposes?
  • Growing space available 
  • The growing requirements for each strain and whether one can meet them 
  • Is one looking to produce cannabis biomass using the stalks

For whatever reason one has decided to grow cannabis, there is a particular strain perfect for the job. For example, high CBD strains are ideal for medicinal purposes, while most people prefer high-THC strains for recreational uses. 

With the other 400 strains to choose from, one can be sure that they will find what they are looking for at Homegrown Cannabis Company. The team of professionals at the company is continually breeding new strains to meet their customers’ ever-changing demands. 

Guaranteed Delivery 

At Homegrown Cannabis Company, one can rest knowing that their goods will be delivered right at their doorstep. It is as simple as logging in to their website, making an order, giving the details of where you wish the delivery to be made, then sitting back and waiting for one’s goods. 

The orders are shipped in discreet and crush-proof packaging to guarantee the safety of your seeds. It is highly unlikely that one does not receive their order. In the case that it happens, Homegrown Cannabis Company offers to reship the order, and this time around, it is free. 

Guaranteed Germination 

It is one thing to buy seeds and another to have the seeds germinate and grow to produce yields. Under the right conditions, the high-quality weed seeds sold by Homegrown Cannabis Company are 100% likely to germinate to produce high yields. 

If one is unsure of how to grow a new strain or is a newbie in the industry, the company provides a comprehensive germination guide. Following the guide step by step, one’s seeds are guaranteed to pop. 

If germination does not take place, Homegrown Cannabis Company replaces the seeds, like for like, with immediate effect and with no fuss. 

Free Shipping 

Homegrown Cannabis Company makes deliveries of goods worth $9.99 and above. If you make a huge order of goods valued more than $90, then the company ships the seeds at no cost. Therefore, one not only gets value for their money but also saves on the shipping costs. 

Offer Plenty of Information on Growing Cannabis 

The content creators at Homegrown Cannabis Company are continually updating the company’s website with new information concerning cannabis. One will even find a germination guide at the site, to help newbies get the most out of their first growing experience. 

Homegrown Cannabis Company guarantees to help customers enjoy growing cannabis, and they do keep their promise. 

Excellent Customer Support 

One of the things Homegrown Cannabis Support has not failed at is offering their consumers with an excellent customer support system. The company offers various ways to contact them in case of queries and complaints. 

If the issue is urgent, one can choose to use the live chat box available on the lower right corner of the company’s official website. Here, one receives instant replies at any time of the day or week. 

Besides, one can choose to call the company’s offices using the numbers provided on the company’s official website. The downside is that one will incur an extra cost, plus the service is not available 24/7. 

On the other hand, if the issue is not as urgent, one may decide to send an email to the company via the email on their site. In this case, the responses are not instant, but within 24 hours. Emails are best when addressing issues to do with delayed deliveries, or tracking an order or reception of the wrong order. 

Perhaps the best thing about Homegrown’s customer support is the professional manner in which they handle customers. The team is patient, kind, and always believes the customer is right. 


With hundreds of seed banks on the market today, it is quite challenging to choose the best. Homegrown Cannabis Company stands out from the competition, with its superior quality seeds and excellent customer service. The reasons discussed above, make Homegrown Cannabis Company, one’s to go seed bank. 

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