Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Bed Fan With Wireless Remote

Food, clothing, shelter are considered one of the basic needs. The major requirement that needs to be added in this list is Sleep. Because without it, the minds cannot function well and nor does the body functions well. If you want a controlled temperature while you are sleeping, you can go for the Temperature Control Mattress Topper. A cooler body will include many benefits. You will be able to sleep faster and deeper. According to the SleepRate, there are 33% of the Americans who lose sleep in the summer due to the hot weather and allergies that it causes. And 70% of them have claimed that the higher temperature will prevent them from getting a good night’s sleep. If you want to stay cool during your sleep, you can also go for the  Bed Fan With Wireless Remote

What will happen if your body gets too hot? 

  • Overheating is something that will not only rob you off from your sleep but will also cause you various other sleep disorders and diseases like hyperventilation and exhaustion. 
  • Heat exhaustion is the result of body overheating. In case it doesn’t cool down, it might lead you to a heat stroke, which is a life-threatening situation for many. However, hyperventilation is a condition in which you will breathe faster than the normal breathing rate. With this, the level of carbon dioxide in the body decreases and the blood supply to the brain is also reduced. In most of the cases, it results in the loss of consciousness and a soft latex mattress

Advantages of having a Temperature Control Mattress Topper

There are numerous ways to keep the body cool at night and this includes staying hydrated and lowering the thermostat while keeping the windows open during the evenings. Investing in the cooling mattress which is another big step towards sleeping peacefully.

  • It will retain heat- If you are using an ordinary mattress which uses the conventional foams that tend to accumulate all the heat, and whenever you sweat, the moisture remains on the surface and this leaves you to feel sticky all the time. On the other hand, the cooling mattress aims to disperse all the heat instead of trapping it inside. It does this easily by utilizing the gel layer or the gel particles that are intermixed with the foam cell. The latest cooling foam technology is used in the mattress to help out the customers sleep well. The phase changing gel particles are the ones that act as the heat sink for the liquid state of the body and helps in detecting the heat in the body. 
  • It will help you manage the night sweats- The night sweats makes the person really very uncomfortable. Most of the women who are going through perimenopause or menopause suffer from the problem of night sweats. The men who are low on testosterone experience this problem too. The cooling sheets can help you a lot in this. 

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