Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Have you ever sold anything that is worth crores for lacks or only thousands? Would you ever do that? If it sounds absurd to you then it is better to consider thinking again. Most of the billionaire families have lost a lot of their fortunes by only doing this.

Considering how the markets have performed recently, you must talk about the protection of your wealth by ensuring that the only reason you are ever going to take your money out of the equity funds is because you plan for this as your goals are near and not because of the ups and downs in the market.

The emotions can rule you

Your investment in equity needs some time to grow. This is the most common statement which is made about the investments of equity. From the perspective of an investor, this is not easy to implement.

All of us are emotional creatures, some of them more than others. The market’s ups and downs can be hard to digest. This especially happens when your investments are starting to begin at the approaching levels that are significant percentages of your desired amount. No doubt, you are going to protect your money naturally. As an investor, your investments are the result of your labor and sweat and you would never want to go them down suddenly because of the market.

How to ensure you stay invested?

The answer is in the ‘not needing the money now’. Have you ever taken a note of it how you worry less about the money when you have a lot of it? The feeling of getting salary credited in the bank versus when there’s the end month is entirely different.

If you want to give a room to the equity investments to grow to achieve goals for a longer-term, then you must find a way to not need the money which you invest in equity on an immediate basis . The simplest and best way to ensure this is to have enough of something that doesn’t get fluctuated with the help of experts is exposed to some of the major losses even if it’s temporary.Visit the article on business.com for more details!

Enter the debt funds of shorter-term

Some types of debt funds can be invaluable tools for the protection of the wealth from both the circumstances and the emotions that matter. Debt funds of shorter duration with a major focus on the quality of the credit are the tools of your choice.

Low volatility income investments which are fixed like short duration debt funds and liquid funds will make sure that you never get a dip in the equity investments unless you reach the desired amount.


When you know that there’s a lot of saving in fixed income-based investments, you are likely to get affected by the movements happening in the market. In most ways, it is the experience of being rich before truly becoming.

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