Why Do Most Indian Students Pursue MBBS in Russia?

Known for its ancient infrastructure, lavish lifestyle, and avid readers, Russia is a dream destination for many. Pursuing an MBBS Course in Russia is no less than a walk into the culture and rich heritage of one powerful nation. 

Because of India’s peaceful relations, many Indian students migrate to Russia to study medicine. The admission process is also quite flexible for Indian students. Therefore every year, thousands of students take admission in different medical programs.

What makes Russia a better option than other nations?

 1) Home to the World’s top medical universities.

 2) Better employment opportunities after MBBS Degree completion.

 3) Medical universities of Russia come under World’s top 500 universities.

 4) MBBS degree valid in India as well as in other countries.

 5) Opportunity for Indian students to work in Russia’s private and government hospitals after completing their degrees. 

 Medical courses offered in Russia:

1) Pharmaceutical

2) General Medicine 

3) Dentistry

4) Paediatrics

5) MD

6) Nursing

7) Surgery  

8) M.CH

 Benefits to Indian students for studying in Russia 

 1) No IELTS and TOEFL exams necessary

 2) Quality Education and practical teaching methods

 3) Indian food at handy

 4) Practice freely in India after NMC Screening Test

 5) Affiliation to medical universities from the Russian government

 6) Nominal cost of living

 7) Economical Tuition and Hostel fees

 8) NMC and WHO acknowledged universities

 9) Easy Admission and visa process

 10) MBBS program taught in dual languages   

Best MBBS Colleges in Russia:

 1) Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg)

 123 years old, Pavlov state university was established in 1897. A university committed to encouraging women to opt for higher studies.

a) NEET exam compulsory

b) Acknowledgment from NMC and WHO

c) Holds 147th rank in the country

 2) Kuban State Medical University, South Russia

One of the longest in the tooth universities, established in 1920. It is ranked among the topmost universities, and the Russian Ministry of Health looks after the university.

a) Offers healthy and innovative lifestyle to students

b) Fees can be paid on half-yearly or yearly. Known for the magnificent and ancient infrastructure, lavish lifestyle, and avid readers, Russia is a dream destination for many.

c) Experienced Doctors and Scientists as faculties

3) Orenburg State Medical University (Orenburg City)

The university is celebrating 75 years of eminence in the Medical field. Established in 1944, registered under the state committee of Russia. Recognition of NMC and WHO for its research-focused education system.

a) IELTS and TOEFL compulsory along with NEET 

b) 184th rank in Russia

c) Laboratory and Teaching hospital facilities for students

4) Mari State Medical University, Russia

 Honoured with Gold Medal European Quality, Mari University established in 1972. One of the finest universities offering MBBS in Russia for the past many years. International students get to learn medicine from top-notch doctors and researchers.

a) Acknowledgement from NMC and WDOMS

b) Easy Admission Process

c) 135th rank in the country   

5) Peoples’ Friendship University (Moscow)

Counted among top medical universities in Russia, it also is known as RUDN University. Established in the year 1960. Its yearly intake is 21000 students (Approximately) in various programs of medicine.

a) Holds 18th rank in Russia

b) Facilitates international students with 156 research laboratories

c) Students have the benefit of 12 languages 

d) Interaction with students from 155 different countries

 6) Chuvash State University (Chuvashia)

It is a non-profit public university, established in 1967. Russian Ministry of Education looks after the university, and the Russian Federation’s Science also works to maintain the system and administration.

a) Acknowledgement from NMC

b) Faculties belong to US, UK, and Canada

c) Emphasis is given on overall growth of students

7) Altai State Medical University (Barnaul)

 It got established in 1991; 25,000 doctors and researchers run the university. Counted among the most prominent medical universities in the country. The university offers internships and practical sessions to the students for medical insights.

a) IELTS and TOEFL not necessary

b) NMC and WHO recognition

c) Direct admission without any entrance test

8) Chechen State University (Grozny city)

One of the elite universities to study MBBS in Russia, Chechen state university was established in 1938. Every year nearly 1000 students graduate with an MBBS degree and enter into the World of medicine.

a) NEET exam compulsory

b) Holds 320th rank in the nation

c) Course offered in dual language

9) Tver State Medical University (Russia)

 It is a research institute which came into existence in 1902. Honored with the ‘Prestigious Nations Friendship National Award’ for setting a benchmark in medicine.

a) Registered under Ministry of Health and Social Development

b) Russian Federation’s Education Ministry looks after the university’s working

c) 238th rank in Russia

 10) Smolensk State Medical University (Russia)

 Students from around 50 countries pursue MBBS at Smolensk University. It was established in 1920.

a) 258th rank in Russia

b) Acknowledgment from NMC and WHO

c) NEET exam compulsory

Eligibility Criteria:

 1) Must be 17 years or above. The maximum age limit is 25 years for Bachelor’s Degree

 2) Only the NEET exam is mandatory for MBBS in Russia; the students give no other exams.

 3) Students have to submit their Nationality certificate at the time of admission.

 4) Aspirants willing to take admission in MBBS programs must have scored 50% marks in PCB.

 5) TOEFL and IELTS no needed

Course Duration:

The course duration is six years and one year of compulsory internship for practical knowledge. It is for five years in India with one year of mandatory internship.

Places to explore in Russia during the MBBS program

1) Moscow

2) Kazan

3) Sochi

4) Lake Baikal

5) St. Petersburg

6) Altay

7) The Russian Tundra

8) Peterhof 


Before taking admission to any university, it is better to know about its ratings and environment. Because pursuing MBBS is a great deal in itself, it is essential to do it from a university that offers better learning opportunities. Though pursuing MBBS in Russia can be a great decision. It is a great place to live and fulfil your dreams, as it offers enormous employment opportunities to international students after the course completion. 

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