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Why I prefer Ukulele over Guitars for beginners

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Are you just like me who prefers Ukulele over Guitars? It’s very likely to find anyone like that, because most of the ukulele lovers I have seen are hesitant to switch to guitars.

Ukuleles in India, although they aren’t widely as popular as guitars, they are still coming up in the trends in the market of musical instruments.

I do really hope everyone gets to feel this amazing musical instrument in hand.

Why do people still prefer Ukulele over guitars?

If you don’t know about Ukuleles yet, they are better known as small-sized guitars, with only 4 strings compared to guitars having 6-8 strings. 

They start with the lowest of 12-15 frets and are very comfortable to hold in hands.

Buying ukulele for so many beginners was the first step to learning to play guitar. 

Now that has turned to the fact that most of them still keep playing ukulele.

Ukulele is very small compared to guitars (starting at just 23 inches), which takes very small space to occupy in the room, take the instrument for travel and play it during the ride.

It’s simple 4 strings, meaning although it has more musical notes, it’s easy to get hold of the basic chords and start playing for beginners. 

But yes, choosing the right ukulele is important for better playability & comfort. 

Here is a beautiful video that explains why it’s enough to play more than 100 songs with just as simple as 4 chords. That’s the beauty of ukulele.

Most people think ukulele is only meant for country and blues genre music, but that’s a NO. You can play any music if you wish to and master the instrument.

Far more than what you keep practising this ukulele for, you will never feel like leaving it for another instrument. Starting at a price of Rs. 2300, it’s possible for anyone to own this instrument.

Even gifting this instrument has been coming up as the trend especially to girls, who would love to see this small cute instrument in their room.

Ultimately it comes down to your choice whether to learn ukulele or switch to guitar. I have always been a fan of ukulele, and will always keep it with me. Let me know if you too are a Ukulele fan, let’s talk in the comments.

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