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As laws change and technology marches on, many law firms and other businesses requiring legal signatures are turning to e-signing technology. Legally, electronic signatures are just as valid as traditional, and they hold a whole host of financial and time-saving advantages. One particular software program favored over and over by law firms is eSign Genie. It is a fast, easy, and highly rated service that helps tackle day to day issues when it comes to collecting those all-important signatures.

When choosing the Application Program Interface (API), law firms must consider:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and how the API fits in
  • Simplicity for customers to use and learn
  • Competitive pricing

Documentation is crucial to law firms, and eSign Genie offers quick and accurate access, sending, signing, and understanding for all parties involved. Some of the API’s top benefits include:

Easy Implementation with Existing Applications

Law firms can rest assured that their new document signing software will work smoothly with their existing systems. The program harnesses the power of the internet and interconnectivity, meaning there is no interference with other software when you’re just looking to get your documents signed! It uses an account that fits into existing workflow processes and streamlines the process. When a report or contract gets sent out, it can now be checked by the firm at any step of the way, and all changes must get verified.

Documents are also linked with customer records, adding an extra layer of security as all information is kept within the confines of only the parties relevant.

Competitive and Consistent Pricing

There are lots of e-signing software options; some offer you the possibility to esign free while others are extremely expensive. There is a small cost for using eSign Genie. Still, it’s a relatively low monthly subscription fee, and it offers peace of mind as well as the rest of the eSign Genie API’s features. An ongoing issue with electronic signing APIs is that licenses shift, prices change, and frameworks get altered.

eSign Genie promises consistency and value for money that no law firm can pass up. Starting at just $8 a month, it’s barely an expense at all while being a highly scalable solution!

Easy to use for first-time e-signers and veterans alike!

The interface of eSign Genie’s API is designed specifically with those who have never signed an electronic document in mind. If a law firm needs to introduce their customers to the concept, eSign Genie makes it easy with a simple design, innovative controls, and understandable instructions. There are also guides and resources available for those who might find it more challenging to get used to the program over traditional signing. It helps ease the doubts of those who might be worried about the lawful application of electronic signatures.

Overall, eSign Genie is one of the cheapest, most convenient, and most accessible examples of e-signature APIs that can revolutionize a law firm’s business operations. If you are looking for the best program to bring your firm into the digital age, check out eSign Genie before going anywhere else!

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