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Why McAfee is Considered as the best Antivirus for Mobile SecurityWhy McAfee is Considered as the best Antivirus for Mobile Security

Mobile devices like Android and iOS have a good and secure interface where you barely find any virus infection issues. But that doesn’t mean your device is fully protected. Today, your mobile device has to face lots of issues other than viruses. Threats like spyware, Trojan horses, adware, keyloggers, etc are lurking around your mobile device. If you want to keep your Smartphone secure from these threats then install McAfee using product key immediately. McAfee mobile security offers numerous features and tools that are specially developed for mobile security. It offers different plans for Android and iOS devices.

Top McAfee mobile antivirus features

Security Scan

McAfee antivirus scans every application while installing. If you are installing any app which seems suspicious; McAfee will halt the installation process and warn you about the threat. This antivirus also scans the incoming files (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) on your network. If you are connecting flash devices with your phone then your McAfee will scan the whole flash drive before loading it on your phone. Also, it helps to avoid windows 0x0 0x0 error code by installing Mcafee anti-virus software on your PC.

Privacy Check

Every application requires some device resources and personal details to perform its task. McAfee monitors all the installed applications to ensure that no application is accessing or sharing data which is not required. For example, your online game doesn’t need any access to your contact file.


Anti-theft is one of the top features of the McAfee mobile security plan. After McAfee antivirus activate, you can easily find your device with your McAfee account. As you know mobile phones can prone to get stole. But with the anti-theft feature, you can track your device location. You can also set alarm, lock down your crucial data remotely. In case, your device is gone for good then it also facilitates to sweep out all your data.

Guest Mode

Guest mode is a special tool which is very helpful while sharing your device. People have installed various personal apps like chatting apps, SNS apps, dating apps, etc which they don’t want to show anybody. With the help of guest mode, you can easily hide your all personal applications easily and instantly.

Safe Web

Whenever you search any URL, McAfee checks it before loading. If the URL seems suspicious or malicious; McAfee will inform you and block it immediately.

Safe Wi-Fi

Whenever you connect your phone to any network; it immediately shows whether you are connected to a secured connection or not. If you are connected to the unsecured network then you should try working under VPN. McAfee mobile security plus plan offers a Wi-Fi guard VPN tool that protects your data from cybercriminals. People frequently use a mobile device for online payment and performing various banking tasks. VPN ensures that your transaction is fully protected from hackers as it encrypts the data and sends it via a secure channel. VPN also allows you to stream content that is not available in your country.

McAfee mobile security offers a bunch of advanced tools like media backup, secure app lock, memory booster, and battery booster that not only secure your mobile but also boost device optimization.

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