Sat. May 18th, 2024

For the blue light glass industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has been fantastic. When people lock-down spend more time viewing computers and other digital monitors, they order more screen glasses, but they lack concrete evidence that the glasses either minimize the eye strength of blue light or shield it from blue light. While the glasses were still popular with officers and players, the pandemic has had a strong impact on the selling of computer glasses and virtually everyone is rapidly absorbing optical blue light.

What is blue light?

The naked eye doesn’t see blue light. It’s the maximum frequency and shortest wavelength component of the light spectrum and is also called high-energy visible light. Blue light is close to ultraviolet radiation and will place it at risk. The spotlight, computer displays, neon lamps, the LEDs, and mobile gadgets are blue light sources.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light filtering glasses have specially shaped lenses that block the blue light from digital displays or wash it out. Lenses shield your eyes from blindness and can help mitigate possible damage to your retina from excessive blue light exposure. If you want to buy blue light glasses, then visit our website as Island Eyewear.

Man wearing smart glasses touching a holographic screen

What are the benefits of using screen glasses?

You can be shocked, but often eye disorders due to digital displays are not caused by blue light. Many people have digital eye problems, but the most problems are simply computer vision syndrome (CVS). Often it is also called digital stress of the eye.

Our eye is susceptible to blue light as blue light can cause many eye problems in human beings. That’s why it is recommended to use screen glasses. Some of the benefits of using screen glasses/ xray glasses are as follows,

1.      Blocks blue light:

Computer glasses are specially designed to block the blue light on our television, tablet, and laptop displays. They have a filter that blocks the entry of blue light into the eyes and protects against blindness. Blue-light glasses may lead to reducing future blue-light damage.

2.      Improves your sleep time:

Another reason for using blue light glasses is that they allow you to sleep well through the night. The researchers conclude that sleep-inducing melatonin is prevented from producing blue light from LED instruments like your cell phone or laptop.

3.      Reduces the symptoms of insomnia:

Insomnia can make sleep impossible to sleep, it’s hard to sleep, or it can make you wake up too soon and can’t get back to sleep. When you wake up, you will already be sleepy. Insomnia not only drains all your energy levels and mood but fitness, efficiency, and quality of life.

But don’t worry, if you have symptoms of insomnia, then start using blue light glasses as it can help in reducing the symptoms of insomnia and help you get enough sleep for a day.

4.      Protects your retina from damage:

Another benefit of using blue light glasses is that it protects your retina from damage and strain. Nearly all visible blue travels through the cornea and the lens, touching the retina. This will affect vision in the long term and contribute to premature eye aging. But using blue light glasses will protect your eyes from aging.

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