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Insomnia is quite a common sleep problem among the US people. According to, over 50 million Americans suffer from 80 different sleep disorders each year. And the other 20 to 30 million suffer from intermittent sleep problems.

A majority of these health issues can be sorted if you use the right adjustable bed frame. Experts suggest the bed and mattress must adjust according to your body and weight.

The older wooden beds did not have the flexibility to adjust according to our body types. And that was the reason why our parents and grandparents suffered from chronic back pain. With the latest technology, many bed frames come with a remote control and adjustability features.

Now, let’s see the benefits of an adjustable frame.

You can Adjust the Bed with just One Click

Today various bed frames come with unique features that can be adjusted with a remote controller. The bed frame can be tilted to certain degrees to provide comfort to your back, neck, and legs.

As compared to the conventional bed types, these adjustable bed frames are extremely flexible. They have a sturdy finishing and a strong foundation to take the load of a body-weight.

Improves Blood Circulation

The adjustable bed frames allow the users to fine-tune the base according to their sleeping position. Many people who suffer from blood circulation issues can adjust the bed to a specific degree to improve blood circulation in the body.

It aids in keeping the oxygen flow and circulation in prime condition. Overall, if you have poor sleep quality due to blood circulation issues, then adjustable bed frames can reduce the problem to a considerable level.

Relieves from Snoring and Asthma

An adjustable bed frame raises the head and decreases breathing problems like snoring and asthma. When you lie flat on the bed, the neck puts pressure on the windpipe, causing noise while sleeping.

These bed frames adjust to the neck and head position to alleviate breathing problems. Sleeping in a proper angled position improves the airflow, reduces the obstruction from nasal passages, and promotes uninterrupted sleep. The probability of an asthma attack is significantly reduced when the oxygen supply through the lungs is not disturbed during sleep.

Minimizes Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Lying on flat mattresses makes the digestive juices move upwards. When these digestive juices enter the esophagus, it gives rise to heartburn or acid reflux. The symptoms include pain in the chest and stomach area. Sometimes, they are extremely severe and lead to sleep apnea or insomnia.

A six-eight inch of inclining of the head is recommended to prevent acid reflux or heartburn. It helps keep the digestive enzymes in the stomach and stops them from moving up in the food pipe.

Alleviates Back-pain and Leg Swelling

The purpose of a soft mattress is to adjust as per the body pressure. The neck, back, and legs must be supported adequately to prevent swelling and pain in these areas during sleep.

An adjustable bed frame serves the purpose of reducing the back pain and swelling in the legs. It raises the foot of the bed that allows knees to be bent, levitates the legs, and puts off the pressure that affects the spine.

Reduces Arthritis Pain

Due to arthritis, many people suffer from stiff joints and chronic pain in the lower back area. Some people also suffer from DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) because of arthritis, which leads to swelling in the knees and calf muscles.

Having an adjustable bed frame helps in positioning the bed in a comfortable direction. By placing the mattress in a particular angle helps in taking off the weight from the problematic areas. The stiffness in the joints is comparatively reduced, and swelling does not appear prominent. The adjustable bed frames aid in moving the body without drawing pressure on the knees and affected muscles.

Can be Used as Recliner for Reading

Many people lack space at home, and hence they stick to limited furniture. The other incredible benefit of having an adjustable bed frame is that you can use it as a recliner in your limited space.

Most of these bed frames do not occupy ample space, and you can place it in one corner of your room conveniently. If you wish to read your favorite novel before going to bed, you can convert it into a reading recliner. Once you feel like sleeping, you can change the bed’s degree and flatten it to convert into a bed again. That’s the flexibility to get when you own an adjustable bed frame.

Helps in Moving Out of Bed if Suffering from Disability

Nobody likes to be dependent, but you may have to rely on domestic assistance to get out of bed when in a disabled condition.

Adjustable bed frames have distinctive features that help change the degrees of the mattress to help you get in and get out of the bed. It reduces the percentage of dependence to a large extent.

These are the benefits of choosing adjustable bed frames and getting the most of them.

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