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Why should you focus on NCERT Textbooks for Class 10 English?

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With the Board exam approaching students often wonder about tips that might help them score high marks in board exams and what books to refer to during preparation. Don’t worry, because  NCERT books will help you pass your board exams in flying colors.

 The National  Council of Educational Research and Training is commonly known as NCERT. It is an institution started by the Government of India in 1961 by conglomerating seven other government institutions. They are the Central Bureau of Textbook Research, the  Directorate of Extension Programmes for Secondary Education, The Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance, the Central Institute of Education, the  National Fundamental Education Centre, the National Institute of Basic Education, and the National Institute of Audio-Visual Education which as a group helps the institution to grow and deliver the textbooks for primary and secondary level students. 

Benefits of NCERT books: 

Focus on overall development:

The NCERT has designed two specific textbooks for Class 10 English Literature. First Flight is the main text that helps students develop their language skills while learning chapters on various significant topics. In addition to this, NCERT Class 10 English Foot Prints Without Feet is a supplementary reader that is prescribed for the students. This book also helps the students brush up their grammatical skills as they go on reading interesting chapters. These books not only enhance students’ language skills but also help in their overall development.

Experts to the rescue:  

NCERT books are created by experts after extensive research on each topic. This will help the students to understand the concepts easily as these experts have years of experience in creating suitable study material for each class accordingly.  These books are useful especially to CBSE students since most of their annual exam questions are based on concepts covered in NCERT books.  

Knowledge in simple language: 

The most important benefit of NCERT books is that it provides in-depth knowledge in an easy language. The concepts are simplified in a manner where students can solve problems even if the questions are twisted in the exam. As the information they provide is apt and authentic, everything is explained in a detailed manner. NCERT  books should be the first choice of reference for CBSE students as well as students who train for other competitive exams like JEE, AIEEE, CAT, etc. 

CBSE recommends NCERT books:

CBSE schools prescribe NCERT books for their students as these books make sure that the students have a strong and clear foundation in each topic and also because  NCERT books strictly follow the CBSE curriculum. It covers all the fundamental topics and helps the students understand and effectively prepare for their exams.  NCERT books are upgraded as per the evolving  CBSE syllabus.  

Revise and Remember: 

Revision plays an important role in securing a perfect score in exams as it helps you remember facts, methodologies, and topics you’ve learned a while ago. NCERT books stand as the perfect tool for revision. Focus your revision schedule around the NCERT textbooks and notes prepared from them. 

Time Saver: 

Exams may make the students feel pressured at times. However, if students focus on the NCERT textbooks instead of going through a ton of reference books, they not only save precious time but also increase their chances of scoring well in the exam. Most of the questions in the exam are 

The above were some of the advantages of the NCERT books.

Now let us understand the method to prepare the notes which is effective while you revise during the exam.

Reading a chapter is very important but you cannot remember everything you have read right? So notes are one of the best ways to get a hold of the full chapter in a precise way.

Some students write down everything and make it as one more textbook. This is not the way. Your notes should contain the key points of the particular chapter and the summary or the explanation in a short note. Writing everything is a waste of time.

When you read the chapter you can write down the words and some important phrases so that by revising the same every day you can remember what the story and the concept are all about.

Use heading and subheadings so it is prominent and when you want to go through some particular chapter or topic you can immediately go to the page.

One more important thing which your notes should contain is the index and the page numbers. This will be useful when you fill up the book and you might what to check on a particular chapter or a topic.

You can also make your notes a little colorful and attractive. Class 10 English has important grammar topics and rules which you have to follow. It is not possible to write down all the points in the notebooks what you can do is make a note of the important rules and regulations so when you use while writing an answer or any article you will be able to write which will be grammatically correct.

Going through the text and all the topics every day is difficult but going through the notes is quite easy and you can revise the whole syllabus in a short time. This applies to all the subjects. This way you are saving your time and also when you are writing yourself it is like practicing the topics and you will be remembering quite nicely.

Reviewing the notes is very important. Just don’t write it down and forget about it. Make sure that you review periodically.

Important tips for English preparation.

  1. Read the chapters and understand. the concepts.
  2. Concentrate and learn the meaning of the poems as they will have deep inner meanings. You can also summarise the poem and write short notes in your notes. summary of the poems. These minute points that you write down will come in very handy during the exam which will save you time and also be able to revise the whole syllabus in a short time.

These tips may seem very simple but they will prove to be very useful if followed consistently. 

In conclusion, the secret of getting ahead is getting started. So getting your hands on  NCERT books would be the wise choice for CBSE students to score perfect marks in all their exams. With the help of NCERT books, all the studying you are doing will be worth it in the end.

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