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As technology evolves, new conveniences and better efficiency affect nearly every area of everyday life. Security for homeowners and apartment dwellers is no different, and is a major priority for vendors and service providers for safety devices. With the rise in “smart homes” and mobile device functionality, it’s now possible to use a digital solution for every facet of daily living. A smart thermostat can control your home’s temperature year-round, and a Wi-Fi-enabled platform such as Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa can operate your living room lights while also adding items to your shopping list using voice command. In essence, these innovations make life simpler, so why not make it safer, too?

Homeowners and apartment tenants may soon see the use of physical keys become obsolete. While a traditional key may remain the ultimate emergency backup, smart locks have become a new industry standard in security and front door enforcement. Using either a PIN code or a mobile app in place of a traditional key is not only more convenient, but is also a unique way to ensure complete safety for the inhabitant. Here, we will look at just a few of the most important reasons why smart locks have become so popular for apartments, and how their ease-of-use and security functions can give you or your tenants the proper peace of mind.

Smart Locks and Modern Technology

Simply put, a smart lock is the latest solution for homeowners and apartment dwellers looking to utilize digital technology for front door entry. In the case of apartment buildings, a smart lock can also permit access for visitors, delivery personnel, or service providers. As stated, a traditional key may continue to exist as a fail safe, much like a valet key for a car. However, needing only a smartphone app or keypad, a smart lock is now the most convenient, personalized form of residential compliance on the market today. For many reasons, property managers and landlords have begun making a proactive switch to smart lock technology.

In the case of building owners and property managers, using smart locks for apartments is a cost-efficient and practical way to conduct needed maintenance repairs, renovations, or to show an available unit to potential renters. With a master mobile app for the landlord or onsite manager, the smart features are easily accessible for first-rate compliance and user preferences. With each function available to the renters and management alike, a smart lock is a great option and the most modern security solution.

The Many Features of a Smart Lock

Although numerous vendors now offer variations of smart lock technology, the core features should include the most important safety and convenience functions. For example, a good smart door lock should be compatible with the other devices in the homeowner’s smart home system. Likewise, if being utilized for a rental property, this is a crucial feature. If any other devices within the home or apartment building use a Wi-Fi network for functionality, such as a smart thermostat or sound system, the door lock should integrate seamlessly within that existing system. The best door lock system will also include a mobile app, as well as a PIN code for the digital touchscreen keypad. Together, this unit replaces both the existing deadbolt and need for a traditional key. Although the convenience is strengthened by the ability to use keyless entry, many popular smart lock options include a keyhole for a physical key to open the front door in the event of an emergency or lost key.

If you’re considering getting the best smart lock for your home or apartment building, be sure to have a professional technician install the unit itself. And remember, once the access codes are chosen for the system’s keypad, that information should only be shared with close family members or roommates who also live in the residence.

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