Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
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At present users stick with convenience. They all wish to watch movies, videos, TV shows of their shows using their device. Of course, it’s possible when you do Vidmate install on your device. This supreme app is well-known for grabbing the multiple numbers of media contents such as movies, songs, videos, audios and even more for free. Plus you are not restricted by any sorts of limitations in this app you all set to download plenty of files.

What are the features?

Vidmate is a user-friendly application that helps users to download unlimited media contents such as movies, videos, TV shows, series, Live telecast and many more. This finite app is unbeatable because you can able to download plenty of media content limitlessly. Look for its features,

Unlimited download:

Downloading contents in this app is quite easy because you are not restricted in any case. Plus you are allowed to download limitless contents even at once. The advanced download technology in this application will make the users download 4 numbers of files at the same time.

Access to various sites:

Apart from the contents suggested by this application you can also allow accessing media files from some other sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many more. The users have to choose the particular platform to say for example YouTube means then the app will take you to that site. Here you have to search the content and download on your device. Thus no matter where your favourable content is available you can easily get that without any limitations.

Convert video into audio:

Usually converting video into audio is not possible in any video downloading the application. Alternatively, the Vidmate app will allow you to convert video file as audio with the help of MP3 format. This app by default asks you to select the format you like to get the content. In that, you have to click at the mp3 format in order to get the audio alone. Also, pick some other format based on your preference.

How to install Vidmate?

Since Vidmate app is third-party you can’t able to get the app in Google Play store. Apart from that, you have to download the app either in the reputed resource or else on the official website. Once you downloaded the Vidmate apk on your device avoid clicking on the downloaded file. Instead of that,

  1. Go to the Phone Settings and then Security

  2. Under Security look for the “Device Management” option

  3. Click on this option you can see a button named as “Unknown Sources” turn it on or enable it

  4. The moment you enabled then the option then you will be warned with a notification tap on “Ok” to continue the process.

  5. Now go and open the downloaded file do Vidmate install on your device.

  6. When the app is set up on your gadget then it will be identified with its icon “V” in order to watch and download media files click on the icon and do the rest.

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