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No one in the world likes getting sick, especially if the disease keeps jumping back to you from time to time. In this case, most people get irritated and tend to think of something that could help them gain relief. Diseases like chronic bv and yeast infections, mostly known as bacterial vaginosis, are also an example of reoccurring diseases. BV is a type of infection that takes place in the vaginal part of women; women who suffer from BV experience weird substances from their vaginas. 

Many people think it can be due to sexual transmission; however, the idea is genuinely false and has no proof to back the information up, which is why it is not a part of STI diseases. 

Symptoms of BV

There are a lot of main symptoms that can help you detect whether you have BV or not. The first symptom you can notice is that after sex, you feel an unusual discharge from your vagina. You can also observe the discharged substance. Try observing the color of the substance to see if it is any different than usual. If defined in Gray matter, then there are chances you have BV.

The majority of women nowadays have the chance to have BV symptoms; however, not all of them have  BV, so make sure you think you have the symptoms and consult a doctor. like other diseases, BV does not promote any kind of skin irritation set as stretch marks, etc 

If you notice any kind of symptoms, then you are pregnant. Make sure to consult a doctor in the early days so if you do have BV., you can take care of it quickly.

Appointment directions

In case you have the symptoms make sure to book a doctor’s appointment initially. Try finding an appointment at a sexual health clinic. It will help you provide all the guidelines about the BV disease and how to prevent it. God forbid if you have BV, the staff will guide you on how to handle it carefully.

Once you enter the hospital or the clinic, the nurse will still ask you about all the symptoms you have been noticing for the past few days. The doctor will come and examine you and your body to see the damage is more or less.

The clinic then takes a sample of your discharge with cotton and give it out for testing purposes. After a few days, the test results are shared with you, and the doctor discusses the medicine you need to be having to cure BV. 

The treatment

There are basically a few options you can opt for in order to treat the BV disease. There are antibiotic pills and creams available in the market, and pharmacies that will help you. all the medication should be taken under the prescription. No extra medication is allowed whenever you are taking the medication regarding BV. In case you have a partner that is involved with you, they also need to be treated.

 Why does BV reoccur?

There are many reasons to do too, which BV can reoccur in your body within mostly three months. To be appropriately BV free, you need to take medication after a long time, even if you feel better. Because if you leave the medication in between three months because you feel better, there are a lot of chances that BV will reoccur.

In order to be appropriately BV free, take your medications properly, take care of your health, and keep the medications with you for a longer time. have a nice day!

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