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Chevy Silverado floor mat

When setting up your stay, an annex mat will be necessary. The main benefits of an annex mat include reduced dirt tracking, increased comfort underfoot while you relax outside, and improved breathability.

What Is Annex Matting?

What is an annex caravan mat? An annex is an attached frame made of non-porous, sturdy material that can be attached to your caravan or another recreational vehicle. This is a great way to increase your outdoor living space and even expand your caravan’s living area. You can create an annex with a wide range of available materials. It’s easy to find the right material for you and the functionality you need.

How Do You Choose The Right Camping Mat For You?

Are you looking for the best Annex Flooring? Or a camping mat that keep dirt and sand out of your outdoor space? There are many styles of outdoor mats. We will show you how to choose the right one.

Synthetic Mesh

Synthetic Mesh Matts are made of breathable fabric that is rot-proof, UV stable, and resistant to the sun.

These need to be pinned down to withstand large amounts of sand and dirt that fall through over time. They are best used on flat surfaces such as fields, where there isn’t much movement.

CGear Matting

CGear Multimats are the best camping mats. Their multi-layer weave technology lets dirt, sand, and dust fall through their durable product. They also have reinforced edges that will not tear or fray no matter how to cut.

Camec Matting

Camec’s synthetic mesh matting is a great solution for anyone who wants to keep their nettings dry and clean. It comes at a lower price.

PVC Foam

PVC rubber mat or rubber mat is a thicker covering mat that can be laid flat on the ground without the need for a peg.

This type of flooring has greater coverage than meshing mats, but it is easier to sweep and won’t get any dirt. There are also gaps between the boards for air circulation.

The Benefits Of Using A Mat

  • Your sandbag will keep dirt out of your shoes.
  • It offers more comfort, especially when you are sitting or lying down outdoors.
  • You will feel more comfortable and breathable in your underlying ground, which can lead to happier breaks from the heat.
  • This is a way to quickly disperse dirt and water

Annex Matting is made of foamed PVC which is soft, porous, and breathable. It has a rubbery feel that makes it easy to lay on grass and stone without worrying about the mat slipping away from dirt.

Selecting The Right Mat To Suit Your Size And Function

Your caravanning equipment should include a mat. It is important to choose the right size and material for your mat, especially when you are traveling in harsh conditions such as those encountered on the road or in fields.

Match up with the space that suits you best, whether it’s at a campsite after fishing, during family barbecues where everyone gathers around a larger than life campfire; or even inside where warmth reigns through winter nights when you can sleep outside under the stars.

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