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There is currently a diverse variety of programs that utilizes virtual printing technology. Even Microsoft Office has also developed its very own printer. Nevertheless, amidst the success and recognition of this software, it’s challenging to obtain documentation regarding this breakthrough.

This article will explore Virtual Printing and five of its use to convince you to take advantage of this technological development.

What Exactly Is A Virtual Printer?

A virtual printer is a program that simulates the software configuration of an actual printer allowing the user to execute a variety of functions without actually printing anything on a physical piece of paper with ink.


Virtual printers operate with print drivers that are configured to deliver data to other software instead of an actual printing machine. The software can also help save resources because it makes it possible to execute functions that once involve actual printing without wasting ink and paper.


What Are the Tasks It Can Perform?

A virtual printer performs a variety of tasks with not a single one of them utilizing a piece of paper:


  • The virtual printer is frequently used to create a PDF document that generates and secures the file template. It appears precisely the same when displayed on a computer monitor and when printed. This option is found in your print panel features.
  • Run your virtual printer to submit a file to a server for paperless faxing.
  • You can also use the virtual printer to convert a file to a different format like JPEG. This way, the document can be universally accessible without encountering issues such as omitted fonts and can serve as an alternative to PDF. Other document formats for image conversion include TIFF, GIF, PNG, and BMP.
  • A virtual printer can be utilized to display a file before printing. You can see and correct issues before publication, such as removing empty or unnecessary pages.
  • Additionally, a virtual printer can be used for adding specialized attributes to a file such as stationery embellishments or even a watermark. Assume this phase as pre-printing; a modified document can then be forwarded to a real printer or stored in a cloud folder.
  • Like other programs and apps, a virtual printer can be uninstalled. If you no longer find it useful or need it, you can decide to remove the application on your computer anytime.


The Bottom Line

The virtual printer is not an actual printer. Alternatively, it is a software component mounted on the computer. It is a program used in printing trials since it is much simpler to evaluate printer performance when it is a document rather than undergoing the whole physical printing process. The method also helps prevent the waste of power, paper, and assets.


Virtual printers manufactured primarily for this function may generate a product that incorporates all the components of a printed document. The output has layers of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black so that the inspector can assess the samples for mistakes in the manner the printer hardware produces a document. The printer technology is also ideal for all computers and delivers a powerful enhancement for your physical printers.

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