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 A growing event career needs a wealth of abilities, from a knack for detailed planning to high-level multitasking during event performance. Everybody can’t sniff out the details or problem-solve during the commotion.

But if you think that you have these guts to be an event professional, just check out some choices we have made for event planning careers. There might be something just for you.

Top In-Demand Planning Careers


  • Event Planner 


There is so much scope of event planners from the organization of conferences and high-end galas. One of the great examples of an event planner is Carlo Parentela. This role is a perfect fit for amazing multitasking people. 

Before the event, all the planets choose and arrange the logistics for food, the decoration, the personal presentation, the technology to pull off just to make the event to be remembered. Some of them might have to handle large-scale events like trade exhibits or Complex coordinate conferences, which include thousands of people.

This is the toughest job because it will give you all the attention during event execution. Planners are the most approaching person for problem-solving for every little change or any problem or issue. It is a very fast-paced and intense job most of the time, but the feeling of achievement after a very great event is also precious.

 There is a list of events you have to expect as a professional event planner.

  • Fundraisers 
  • Birthday parties 
  • Anniversary parties 
  • Baby shower 
  • Charity Gala event including 
  • Funerals and wakes


  • Wedding Planner.


There is a huge industry of weddings, no matter where you are situated. Every couple wants to make sure their big day blows without a complication. They then contact wedding planners. The wedding planners are some of the professionals who know every aspect of every wedding topic, from dresses and cakes, sound systems, and marriage certificates. They take care of everything.

Throughout the planning phase, wedding planners make sure to their customers making their decisions that always fit into their goals and budget. Once the wedding day arrives, they take all the pressure off the couple. There is interference on matters, and findings for newlyweds can enjoy their big day.

There are some more niches available you can choose from if you want to be a future wedding planner.

  • Luxury wedding planning.
  • Destination wedding planning same-sex wedding planning
  • Theme and Novelty wedding planning.

Tips on planning careers

  • Benefits From Social Media 

There are a lot of platforms in this big world of social media where you can find every contact needed for a successful event. You just have to make a professional page on different platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook and leave your number with previous work and uploaded resume. This platform is highly growing and will grow your business too.

  • Experience and networking.

Carlo Parentela Woodbridge is world-famous, not only because of its work. But because of their contacts and amazing experience in the niche. You can do some voluntary work for your better past work experience.

  • Get contract work.

Check out some work for freelancing on different platforms. Take advantage of everything available in your hands and be on track.


We have jotted down some amazing careers for your guidance, and we hope many of you will follow it because these have an amazing future ahead.

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