Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
wow Eminem Releases Extended Version Of Nowhere Fast song Feat Kehlani

wow Eminem Releases Extended Version Of Nowhere Fast song Feat Kehlani Eminem can’t contain his thoughts about the continuous production of guns despite the death of innocent children. The “Nowhere Fast” rapper revealed his thoughts about the National Rifle Association during his performance at the recent iHeartRadio Music Awards in Inglewood, California.Coming off his dope performance with Kehlani last weekend at the iHeartRadio Awards, Eminem decided to return to the scene on Friday and announce that he was going to release an extended version of their collab “Nowhere Fast” at midnight tonight, and alas here it is! According to a report by The Guardian, the performance of Eminem at the iHeartRadio Music was opened by Alex Moscou, who is one of the survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 students. Moscou unveiled that he and his fellow students are fed up with the politicians in the country who only sends their thoughts and prayers after shooting tragedies. He even stated that these politicians aren’t doing anything to stop the same tragedy from happening again. Moscou’s speech was then followed by the “Cleaning Out My Closet” rapper’s performance together with Kehlani. He even revealed that NRA is controlling “the puppet” which many people believe was in reference to the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.Eminem announced the news on his official Instagram account, posting the single’s cover art and informing his supporters of the release time in the caption. Slim Shady simply wrote, “#NOWHEREFAST (EXTENDED VERSION) FT. @KEHLANI MIDNIGHT ET TONIGHT.” An artist that regularly tends to keep to himself, Eminem has been sharing more than usual on the social media platform, using the medium to post the behind-the-scenes footage of his “River” video, as well as tributes to the late Craig Mack and the victims of the Parkland school shooting. nowhere fast eminem and kehlani lyrics:

Ashes blowin’ in the air I was on fire but we don’t care, yeah Wasted youth, always on the road Never looking back, and we’re never getting old ‘Cause the skies are black, but our heart’s made of gold Fuck doing what you’re told We’re going nowhere fast
I feel sorry for this beat, symphony pains for this track This road is taking me back, down memory lane with this rap I could still look out in this crowd, be wild and be takin’ aback I’m simply stating a fact, I had Wembley stadium packed But now we’re on a path headed to nowhere, and fast Another terrorist attacks, like a tariff Blows half of Madison Square up, alas We perish, in the blast but that isn’t scaring us We pass knowing we’re fearless ‘Cause we’re just
Ashes blowin’ in the air I was… this was  nowhere fast eminem extended version lyrics

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