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In messaging or in web shoptalk, WYF signifies “Where You From”. Be that as it may, there are such countless other elective implications related with WYF. Given beneath are a rundown of abbreviations, shortenings, incidental and different definitions related with WYF.

What You Feeling

World Youth Forum

World Youth Festival

Compose Your Future

Wu Yi Fan

What’s Your Favorite

Who’s Your Favorite

Westlake Youth Football

Westfield Youth Football

West Yorkshire Fire

World Youth Football

Westonka Youth Football

World Yoseikan Federation

Anything You Fancy

Where’s Your Filter

Westminster Youth Fellowship

Weather conditions Yield Function

With Yarn In The Front

Whatever Your Fantasy

Where’s Your Filter

Western Youth Futures

Where Yield From

Which Young Face

However, whenever we read this article, we can distinguish that “where you from” being the most famous importance for WYF, there are a few different implications related with that word. So in the future, remember when somebody messages you and ask you, “Hello, those choices are completely fine incidentally, WYF”, that individual can be asking, What’s Your Favorite, rather than Where You From.

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