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So you’re thinking of taking your cycling adventures to the next level and hit up some far-off trails. Fun times! That’s a great way to keep your routes fresh and exciting. However, up until this moment, your bike was doing the transportation part, safely carrying you around the city, and now look how the turntables *Michael Scott voice*. If you’ve never hauled your bike before, you should know that without the right gear, there’s a number of things that could go wrong.

From scratches and nicks both on your bicycle and your vehicle to bent bike rims and broken chains, your long-planned joyous adventure can quickly turn into disaster costing you hundreds of dollars. So how do you take your bike from point A to point B intact? With specially designed bike carriers. Investing in a sturdy and durable bike rack will save you a lot of trouble in the long run and you’ll always be action-ready to tackle some new exotic trails. 

Although bike carriers maybe some of the essentials in your local cycle store, you can’t just go buy the first one you see without knowing a thing or two about their quality aspects. Since there’s a vast sea of bike rack manufacturers, types and features, let’s cut to the chase and make your life easier. Meet Yakima – a globally renowned bike rack name with an ever-growing range of innovative products.

Is Yakima a Good Brand?

If you’re a brave explorer of the great outdoors, Yakima designs products with YOU in mind. This brand has a long history dating back to 1979 when Steve Cole and Don Banducci, diehard kayakers and cyclists acquired the company with the sole mission of transforming the way wild souls travel. Just as they like to say, they’ve never been good at sitting still and decided to give everyone the freedom to wander and soak in amazing views on far-off banks, peaks and backlands. 

Yakima as a brand is praised by cyclists worldwide for its design sensibility and innovative solutions which make bike transportation an easy task. If you buy Yakima bicycle carrier, you can rest assured that your precious two-wheeler(s) will arrive safely to your destination without a single scratch. What’s more, you won’t spend hours trying to fit your carrier since these bad boys are designed to be easy to install and adjustable. However, keep in mind that most Yakima racks aren’t universal, so you’ll need to find the right solution for your needs and vehicle. 

How to Choose the Right Yakima Bicycle Carrier for Your Needs

Yakima caters to a virtually endless range of vehicles, so finding the right carrier for your hatchback, sedan, SUV or truck won’t be a challenge. Nevertheless, before heading out to get your bike rack, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need unrestricted trunk access?
  • How many bikes are you planning on carrying?
  • Will you switch between vehicles often?
  • Do you need to lock your bike?

Answering the questions above will help you navigate through the huge selection of hitch racks, roof racks, trunk racks and ute racks and you’ll be better able to make an informed choice. With that being said, let’s review some of the most sought-after Yakima carriers.

Yakima Bike Rack Top-Picks

First on the list is the Whispbar Flush Bar S4Y 90cm Roof Rack System. This Yakima roof rack comes in a sleek and compact design encompassed by a modern silver finish that’ll complement your vehicle’s aesthetic. But since it’s not looks that you’re after, you’ll be pleased to know that the Whispbar offers premium performance that’ll exceed even the most discerning user standards. Thanks to its aerodynamic nature, the Whispbar brings drag and noise to the bare minimum providing a quiet and fuel-efficient bike hauling experience. 

Then, there’s the Yakima Bike Carrier Hitch HoldUp 2 which allows you to haul two bikes. This hitch carrier comes in a compact, tray-style design which is simple and quick to install. What’s best about the HoldUp2 is that it comes with side-to-side adjustability for each bike, so you can ensure that your precious two-wheelers won’t bump into each other. Moreover, it tilts down with bikes loaded so you can have unrestricted rear-of-vehicle access. Another great thing about the HoldUp2 is that it comes with fully integrated security i.e you can lock your bike to the rack and the rack to the vehicle for maximum safety.

If you need a rack to carry even more bikes, take a look at the Yakima HangOver Hitch Mount Carrier. The HangOver is available in 4 and 6 bike options which makes it a perfect choice for group rides and big families. Not only that it’s sturdy and durable enough to hold the weight of multiple bikes, but it also features an innovative tilt mechanism that keeps your bikes from bumping into your vehicle. 

Last but not least, for those who like to ride solo, the Yakima SingleSpeed Hitch Mount Carrier is a logical choice. Not only that the SingleSpeed is lightweight, strong, and easy to install, but it can also safely accommodate any type of bike, be it road, MTB, or BMX. Another great thing about this solo bike carrier is that it features an integrated SKS lock to keep your two-wheeler safe and sound when you’re not around.

Although this list is only a small fraction of the Yakima bicycle carriers available on the market, it covers the most popular types of racks – hitch and roof-mounts. If you want to explore more ways to haul your bicycles, make sure to check out Yakima’s full range of products online or in-store to find what you need. 

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