Yokohama Tyres – An Ideal Pick for Safe Environment

Yokohama was founded in 1917 as a joint venture between BFGoodrich and Yokohama Cable Manufacturing. The Yokohama Tire Corporation was established in the USA in 1969 where there are two two manufacturing plants one in Virginia and the second in Mississippi. The company has garnered the title of the 7th largest tyre company. The tyre manufacturer makes tyres for cars, 4x4s, 4WDs, light trucks, and more. They build their tyres intending to bring out the best in their vehicle. The rubber used in manufacturing is of great quality that can be used for all sorts of vehicles.

You should know that the product lineup has expanded beyond racing tyres to incorporate all-season passenger cars, crossover, pickup, and SUV tyres. The range also includes all-terrain and winter tyres. As with all tyres, it is imperative to check with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for load ratings as well as size before you make the purchase.


When it comes to the durability of Yokohama tyres, know that it is difficult to beat them. Compared to other big names in the market, Yokohama’s patented Macromolecule composite provides enhanced durability. So, if you buy Yokohama tyres, you will see that you will be replacing your tyres a lot less when you use Yokohama tyres.

Improved Fuel Economy

When you buy Yokohama, durability is not the only thing that you will get. Using Yokohoma facilitates improved fuel economy. A unique mixing process is used in manufacturing these tyres that allow for an even distribution of the molecules which make the tyre and its tread pattern. Due to this, the heat build-up of the tyre is distributed evenly across the entire tread that ensuring minimal rolling resistance and excellent grip.

Environment Safe

For someone who cares about the environment, Yokohama tyres are the perfect choice for them. The tyre manufacturer uses a sustainable approach to its products as well as production methods. They are a great pick if you wish to reduce your impact on the environment.

Yokohama has developed tyres that are 80% petroleum-free by switching from heavy oil to natural gas. It has lessened the use of CFCs and other materials that pose harm to the environment to reduce CO2 emissions. Some tyres are made using modified rubber compounds using processing oil that is acquired from orange peel – a by-product of the juicing process.

Owing to this creative approach, the orange oil tyre costs about 30% more. However, the environmental cost is significantly lower. The firm continues to use fossil fuels as well which helps in manufacturing tyres with increased and improved fuel economy.

Yokohama Range

Yokohama tyres manufacture six brands:

  • Advan
  • Avid
  • BluEarth
  • Geolander
  • Iceguard
  • Parade

These are ideal for the non-commercial vehicle sector and are a great choice for passenger and performance cars, Crossover, SUVs, minivans, and trucks for summer along with road, all-season, and winter.

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