Mon. May 27th, 2024
makita tool kit

Home tool kits typically start with a small investment of every inexperienced homeowner that is starting fresh. The need for some fixing increases after a while as brand-new projects demand to be achieved and skill level progresses. 

However, you must find a reliable set of tools to help you do basic to moderate tasks around your own home. Investing in tool kits such as makita tool kits should do the trick. Below are some of the essential tools your toolkit should have. 

A durable claw hammer

Every toolkit should have a hammer to use, from hammering down nails to light destruction work. It is best if you look for a hammer with a non-slip handle, an anti-vibration shaft that would sit well on your hand. It is also worth considering to find a well-curved hook with a deep and narrow V so you can use it to pluck short and tiny nails from a wall.

A reliable spirit level

A spirit level is one of the basic things in your tool kit. You must have a reliable spirit level to accurately check if an object or a line is balanced in the right place. 

This tool is usually designed with an aluminium case or bar structure containing set vials of fluid embossed with lines and containing a bubble. It would be best to hold it against a facade to determine its level, with the bubble being between the lines.

A multi-bit screwdriver

While traditional screwdrivers are one of the very primary tools you should have in your toolkit, switching to a multi-bit screwdriver is undeniably an upgrade. Multi-bit screwdrivers are not your typical screwdrivers as they allow you to change the bits without changing the driver itself. 


A multi-bit screwdriver is most convenient and useful in giving control and accuracy to basic work such as removing screws. It is important to look for a set with a wider variety of screwdriver tip sizes to fulfil specific needs.

Furthermore, if you want to take your game up a notch, consider taking a look at a premium driver-drill–such as a driver-drill from Makita–with a bit set to add to your makita tool kits.

Powerful power tools

Power tools are the perfect epitome of innovation as it allows you to complete difficult tasks that are not achievable by using hand tools. A reliable power tool would greatly help you achieve the task with less time and effort, therefore increasing efficiency.

 Specific power tools are intended for specific projects that would be advantageous in getting any DIY project done in no time. 

Ultimate combo tools

While power tools are a great investment, combo tools are any handyman’s best friend. Opting for combo tools is a great long term investment as they include various types of power tools in a greater deal, making them a more practical option. 

Opting for a combo tool might appear to be a little “extra,” but it is one of the wisest choices you can make in taking care of your home and all that is in it.

In essence, the first step to being your own home’s handyman is obtaining the right kind of tools, which you can achieve by opting for durable tool kits. With a top-quality brand that offers great value and a little help from the web, you can be your own home’s handyman despite a total lack of carpentry skills.

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