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Satoshi Nakamoto has been a mystery till now. It is believed that a group of people or maybe some individual has invented this bitcoin and has covered themselves under anonymity. The name that has come up with this invention repeatedly, that is Satoshi Nakamoto.

If we go by the theory of relativity then what the Last Supper is to Leonardo Da Vinci is what bitcoin to Nakamoto. It takes a lot to give up the credit of creation for such a milestone thing. This has been landed for the benefit of 1000s across the world,

So far the history of creation, bitcoin creation has been the most famous creation as of now and it has been proved profitable for many. It is one of the superpowers in the monetary system. Over the years many faces have come up claiming themselves to be Nakamoto but that is not the fact, all of them have been found to be fake. The only name that is associated with bitcoin is Nakamoto.

Is it the Correct Time to Spend on Bitcoins?

When one gets to know about bitcoins and how it works the next question one asks for is what would be a suitable time to buy bitcoins. Now, if you want an answer to this then it has been seen that many waits for the prices of the bitcoins to fall and then plan to buy them. The views regarding these questions are very different and vary from person to person.

Many of the cryptocurrency and bitcoin experts have said that this is the most appropriate time to buy bitcoins irrespective of anything. They have not made this statement under speculation; they have of course had some technical analysis of this.

Going by the trend of bitcoin, it has given the largest and the longest term of profit. The values of bitcoin have reached $20.000 in a lifetime, which is unimaginably great so one must know that there will not be much loss if you spend on bitcoin. In fact, bitcoins can never give you any loss, ever in the future because of the nature of the bitcoins. Over time, there have been instances where the biggest of the businessmen and developers have become a part of the bitcoin ecosystem. This also indicates the long life of the bitcoin ecosystem; the bitcoin hash rate has fallen down which also resulted in a lower value for the miners. The present 12.5 BTC will drop down to 6.5 bitcoin and this will have a positive impact on the rise of the value of the digital currency.

With respect to bitcoin mining, the number of bitcoin miners will certainly constrain in the market raising the demand for bitcoin. In such cases, the price of the bitcoins will go up and the investors who have already invested will be in large marginal profit.


Printing too much of the traditional currency or the flow of the traditional currency way too much in the economy might drop the value of the dollar very soon. Amidst COVID-19, the safest way to spend your money is through bitcoins safely and well.

As the value of the dollars will seem to drop down the investors will look for substitutes to invest hence, they would like to spend on something worth the value, such as gold and bitcoins. There are many ways to earn money from bitcoins, you can exchange bitcoins or buy or sell bitcoins to others. But these are some of the ways, there are plenty more ways such as trading bitcoins in any bitcoin trading robot.


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