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Lettuce is most important food to lose weight, but it also plays vital role for healing purposes. It has 20% protein, therefore, it also called as gorilla of food. You can freeze lettuce and use it later. And you can benefit from it. There are different types of lettuce such as given below;

  • Butter lettuce
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Green and red leafy lettuce
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Devils lettuce

Butter Lettuce

It has some important characteristics for instance;

  • It is soft and sweet in taste
  • Leaves are green in color
  • Also known as Boston and Bibb lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

There are some important features of iceberg lettuce as;

  • Inner portion is white
  • Crispy flavor

Romaine Lettuce

  • This lettuce has Sweet and crunchy taste
  • Romaine lettuce is also famous as Greek salad


Some Benefits of Lettuce for Good Health

Now, we are discussing here 10 most important benefits of lettuce, that’s have good effects on human being as;

1.   Lettuce Is Fat Free and Almost Have Very Low in The Calories

One shredded beaker of lettuce has only 12 calories. So, it is very useful to reduce body weight. Therefore, many dietitians recommended it for weight loss.

2.   Lettuce Is Rich with Cellulose and Fiber

As we come to know that, lettuce has high quantity of fiber and cellulose. We are already familiar about the importance of fiber. Such as, it is very helpful to cope with cardiovascular problems and weight loss. Lettuce helps to reduce bile salt, as a result, cholesterol level fall in the human body.

3.   Lettuce Is Friendly for Heart Health

Lettuce is rich with vitamin C and beta carotene. When vitamin C and beta carotene worked together then the oxidation of cholesterol cannot take place. Consequently, stops the formation of plaque. Read Also: Walnuts Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Walnuts

4.   Lettuce Is Enriching with Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

One of the most familiar examples of lettuce is Romaine lettuce. It also has a great ration of omega-3 fatty acid which is 2 while on the other hand omega-6 fatty acid is 1 in ration. We can write this ration as 2:1 respectively.

5.   Lettuce Is Complete Packet of Protein

It has 20% of protein in food. Lettuce is complete package of protein which can drop the level of calories in human diet.

6.   Lettuce Is Helpful to Treat the Insomnia

Lactucarium is white substance, which is secreted during breakage of lettuce leaves. It is just similar to the opium. Because this chemical substance, lactucarium, has sleep producing effects.

Besides of these it is used in relaxing pills. There is no side effect of this chemical. In simple word, we should add some percentage of lettuce in our daily food.

7.   Lettuce Is Basic or Alkaline in Nature

There are some minerals present in lettuce which are useful to remove the stains. It also has bundle of benefits such as highly energetic and improve the thinking capability.

8.   Lettuce Cause Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is condition in which glucose level can drop from normal level. Normally, lettuce is 15 on glycemic index. But it is very poor in case of calories. So, its glycemic load is reflected as zero. According to medical point of views, it has very magical effects to weight loss.

9.   Lettuce Use as Raw Food Instead of Cooked.

In fact, lettuce contains large quantity of minerals. When we use it as a raw food then it means that we intake much of the nutrients. So we should use raw food instead of cooked.

  1. Lettuce Has Great Flavor in Tastes

Mostly, lettuce is sweet in taste but on the hand it has very low calories. It is blessing of God for mankind.

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