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When we hear about Artificial Intelligence, many of us assume that it has nothing to do with our lives and only giant tech companies make use of it. We have listed here a few examples that show you the extent of AI you use every day, which will surprise you.

1.   Unlocking Your Phone by Face Detection:

Using artificial intelligence to unlock your phone that uses biometrics such as face ID is the most secure way of locking your phone as fooling the face ID is nearly impossible.

2.   Sending an Email or Message:

When you draft a mail, tools such as Grammarly or spell check gets activated and uses artificial intelligence to process the language and corrects it. When the mail is sent on the receiving end, by using artificial intelligence, the mail is either sent to spam, blocked or received in the inbox. Even the anti-virus uses machine learning to protect your email account.

3.   Digital Voice Assistants:

Most homes nowadays use a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Home, which uses natural language processing that is driven by AI that answers our questions. With time, the AI captures our usual interactions with it to predict our behavior so that it can produce results based on our preferences.

4.   Commuting to Work:

The maps we use to commute tell us more than the routes. We can see the real-time traffic and route suggestions are made based on the time of arrival.

5. Streaming Services:

As you watch Netflix or Amazon prime, after using the app for a few days, the suggestions of shows that appear will be based on the kind of shows you have watched previously as the AI maps your previous interests and makes similar suggestions.

6.  Net-Banking:

Several artificial intelligence codes are deployed in the banking system to detect fraud during transactions. Every time an alert is generated upon large amount withdrawals or credit card swipes as compared to your in-general expenditure trends and this adds an added layer of security.

7.   Smart Home Devices:

Many homes use smart home devices to control their lights, thermostat and security systems. The heating and cooling are adjusted based on our daily temperature preferences and the time the thermostat is switched on or off is timed based on the time when we return home daily.

8.   Google Search:

As most of us use Google search almost every day, have you noticed the ads that follow you around? Well, those are AI-enabled that keeps a track of your previous shopping interest and website history and personalize the ads based on what you like, to increase the probability of your engagement with the ad links.

9.   Social Media:

Most of us use social media almost every day as we get updated through feeds which is highly personalized based on our taste and history of engagement with previous posts which is nothing but the work of AI which keeps a track of our past browsing behavior and produces feed results based on that.

10. Trading Software:

The art of trading has become really simple, thanks to the introduction of AI. there are many software programs such as the bitcoin loophole app that uses AI to gauge the overall crypto market to maximize profits in both trending and non-trending markets. It means that you can make an investment without the need for a broker to intervene.

Unknowingly, we have integrated the use of artificial intelligence in our lives to such an extent that it is difficult to imagine a day going by without the help of AI.

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