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Pakistan is home to some of the most innovative and impressive fashion designers on the market, and there are so many of these designers who continue to produce important pieces. The fashion industry is constantly evolving and improving, and you need to make sure you come up with ways of being able to achieve this right now. These are 10 of the best Pakistani fashion designers of 2021.

  1. HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin)

HSY is one of the most recognizable names in Pakistani fashion and has a global presence in the industry. Known as the King of Fashion, he has worked as a designer and choreographer on many shows.

  1. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is a leading name in jewelry design and continues to produce show-stopping pieces, upholding the legacy of his ancestors. His bridal collection ranks as one of the best, and his signature Pret Line is popular across Europe and North America.

  1. Maria B

Renowned for her creative and unique designs, Maria B has a fashion line named after herself, and it has served to make her one of the biggest names in Pakistani fashion. Wedding wear and unstitched fabrics are a particular high point in her collection.

Fashion designers working over new collection

  1. Zara Shahjahan

History, tradition, culture, and nature inform so many of Zara Shahjahan’s designs and have served to make her one of Pakistan’s leading names in fashion. She is quoted famously as saying, “Be yourself, and wear your history and personality.”

  1. Deepak Perwani

Actor and fashion designer Perwanispecialises in a luxury wedding dress, that has proven very popular the world over. Perwani is also very famous for his acclaimed menswear line, which is incredibly popular throughout Pakistan.

  1. Shamaeel Ansari

Arguably one of the biggest names to come out of Pakistan, the Czarina of Style has been at the forefront of Pakistani fashion for three decades now. She is widely credited as one of the key designers to take South Asian fashion mainstream on a global scale.

  1. Sana Safinaz

Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer combined their two first names to create a lasting and memorable fashion brand. Since 1989 they have continued to produce impressive and beautiful fashion pieces and accessories for women across Pakistan.

  1. Fahad Hussayn

Starting his design career from home, creating clothing designs and pieces for his family, Fahad Hussayn has gone on to become one of Pakistan’s most enduring designers. Basing his designs on simple cuts, and embracing traditional designs, Hussayn continues to impress.

  1. Nomi Ansari

Combining Eastern style with a modern touch, Nomi Ansari is a rising star in Pakistani fashion, and he continues to impress with his work. Ansari is well-known for using famous Pakistani models, such as Nadia Hussain, to showcase his work.

  1. Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi is a globally renowned and respected designer, who bases much of her work on the Mughal Empire as inspiration. Colour and tradition play an integral part in her work, and her bridal collection is one of the best on the market.

These are the elite of Pakistani fashion design, and they continue to push boundaries, change expectations, and work on providing and producing new and acclaimed fashion pieces.

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