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Are you looking to visit Dubai in winter? With Dubai’s launch on federal tourism campaign, more people have begun making reservations for the winter season. Dubai not only boasts of friendly locals but also magnificent locations that you can visit with your family. Let’s look at some of the best Dubai destinations that you can visit during the cold seasons.

  1. The Abu Dhabi Fossil Dunes

Those who love archaeology will love fossil dunes. The rock formations at Al Wathba are natural and made from sand that was swept by the wind. These dunes are then calcified with time and are now some of the most magnificent locations you can visit. 

  1. Hatta Dam

Who doesn’t like blue waters over rugged mountains and excellent weather? You can go for kayaking, water pedal bikes, and electric boats at the dam during the visit. The best thing about this is that the waters are still and surrounded by splendid mountains. Dubai is among the best destinations for tourists, and water lovers will be intrigued by the Hatta Dam.

  1. Al Rafisah Dam

You can make a quick detour from the Sharjah-Khow Fakkan highway and get to the Al Rafisah Dam. Depending on what you want, you can enjoy mini boating experiences or pitch your picnic items and have a moment with your family and friends. Usually, the area is populated by lots of ducks that you can feed your leftovers. Even more, it is a great learning experience for your children.

  1. Jebel Jais

Located in Ras AI Khaimah, this is the highest peak in the UAE. Not only do you get an excellent view of the entire city, but you also get the chance to drive through the mountain ranges. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to hike through the vistas or zipline them 1700m above sea level. Isn’t that exciting? With incredible speeds of 60-150kmph, you get an angelic view of the mountains. 

  1. Umm AI Quwain Mangroves

How about you take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle? The emirates’ mangroves offer you an excellent opportunity for kayaking, standup paddling, and a great view of the indigenous wildlife. The major types of animals you can find on the site are the herons, cormorants, flamingos, and egrets. Hint; as you come to the mangroves, carry your camera as there is a lot to experience and share with the world. 

  1. Burj Khalifa

The building is Dubai’s most considerable landmark and among the tallest buildings in the world. It stands at 829.8 meters, which is an excellent view of the whole of Dubai. While visiting Dubai, plan a trip at the observation deck on the 124th floor and view the entire city. Usually, the best time to visit and view Dubai is nighttimes. Get a photographer and get the best shots at Dubai’s famous city-lights panoramas. You can buy your tickets online and get some online coupons. You can find great deals and use a coupon code or voucher codes to secure your slot by visiting the ticket-vending website. 

  1. Dubai Mall

The city’s most beloved mall is among the best places for you to visit. You can visit the mall with your friends and family and take home some souvenirs. While visiting the mall, you have easy access to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium. Plan your visit during the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Summer Surprises Festivals to maximize your expedition. 

  1. Dubai Museum

The museum is located at the Al-Fahidi Fort and has all the history of Dubai. It has old emirates maps at the entrance, a courtyard with traditional boards, a right-hand hall full of weaponry, and display halls below the ground floor. If you want to learn about Dubai’s people’s history, you can always visit the city’s premier museum. 

  1. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is among the most beautiful mosques in Dubai. It is built in the Medieval Fatimid tradition and has subtle features visible on the stonework. It is an excellent example of Islamic architecture that you can quickly learn and know how the Muslim faith operates. The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding organizes tours, lectures, and cultural meals to help visitors understand the Muslim faith. These tours always begin at 10 am every other day except Fridays, as it is a sacred day for the Muslim fraternity. 

  1. Global Village

The Global village in Dubai gives you more insight into most countries all over the world. You can visit it from 4 pm and experience the multi-cultural theme park. With over 26 international pavilions, carnival rides, street food stands, and museums to enrich your mind. During your visit, it becomes easy for you to sample foods from all over the world within a day. Get your Global Village tickets in good time for full enjoyment.

How to Buy Tickets for these destinations

Online Shopping

Thanks to online shopping, getting these tickets does not have to be a hassle. You can get great deals from reputable ticket-selling agencies and pay a subsidized charge using a coupon code. 

Talk to Friends

Getting recommendations from your friends who have travelled to Dubai will be a noble thing to do in the recent past. Not only do you get real-time recommendations, but you also get a narration of the experience that they had while in Dubai. They will also recommend great places to stay at, excellent eateries, and magnificent locations to visit. It is always a good time.

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