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Whether you are interacting in a formal conference or taking a picture with a perfect pout with your friends, your lips draw a lot of attention. However, lips are more susceptible to chap, crack, and damage as the skin is much thinner than that of the other body parts. You can use specialized lip treatment products at Synergie Skin to prevent or restore any kind of lip damage. In addition to professional treatments, you should also include the following measures in your daily lip care regime to ensure soft and supple lips.

  • Avoid touching your lips

The skin on your lips is prone to damages as it does not have any way to protect itself. So, whenever you touch your lips with your hands or tongue, the skin is directly affected. If there are already some cracks, the situation can get worse by touching.

  • Switch to healthy eating options

Just like your body’s skin, your lips also call for nutrition. The effect of a healthy diet loaded with vitamins and other nutrients are visible on your lips in no time. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and stay away from junk.

  • Stay hydrated

This one is a no-brainer. You should take plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated from inside. Water is one of the most impotent nutrition to your lips. If your skin is moist from the inside, your lips are more protected.

  • Remove makeup when not needed

Just like your face, your lips also need some air to breathe. Make sure that you remove the makeup from your lips to the last trace, especially before going to sleep. It helps your skin breathe and rejuvenate on its own.

  • Keep lips moisturized while sleeping

Most of us often wake up with dry lips. This is because the air around us dries out our lips overnight. You can use cream, raw milk, petroleum jelly, or hydrating lip balm to keep your lips hydrated while sleeping.

  • Give your lips a gentle massage

Use some nourishing oil to gently massage your lips at least for 5 minutes daily. This helps improve blood circulation and supply of nutrition through blood. A few days of massage can deliver astonishing results.

  • Use Scrub

Exfoliating dead skin is important to enhance the health of your lips. You should make scrubbing a part of your routine. It helps to remove dead skin cells and prevent infections. You can make a scrub at home using rock sugar or use a mild one from the market.

  • Always carry your lip balm

Always keep a good quality lip balm handy in your handbag. Your lips can feel dry anytime anywhere which is why you should keep a lip balm with you to provide instant hydration and make them creamy and soft.

  • Put lipstick outdoors

Lipstick is a great alternative to lip balm. Most lip colors these days are enriched with moisturizing agents. They not only enhance your look but also give your lips the necessary hydration. These work as a protection from dirt, sun, dry air, and other factors.

  • Seek help when needed

Even when you are taking the utmost care of your lips, you may need professional help. If none of the home remedies seem working and it is better to consult a doctor before the problem worsens.

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