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With the increasing prevalence of crime in residential areas and on business premises, local law enforcement is unable to provide 24-hour security on-demand in your home or business.

The Albuquerque police department has fewer than 950 officers available to respond to 911 calls.

Compare this to the more than 1,100 officers deployed in 2011, and it is no wonder that the average response times are now 48 minutes.

So, what are the alternatives and your options?

1. Video Surveillance

Remote monitoring technology using video surveillance is usually the first line of defense for both home and business.

While video surveillance has a certain level of deterrence, it is not useful in preventing or stopping violent physical threats or theft.

When criminals come calling, you need access to security personnel who can counter the threat immediately.

However, the use of monitoring technology combined with surveillance allows for quicker response times.

Control room staff train to identify and monitor suspicious behavior. This means that security personnel are dispatched timeously to prevent crimes from being committed.

2. Physical Threats

Unfortunately, violent crime is out of control in Albuquerque.

As of 2018, FBI statistics show that there were more than 41 incidents of violent crime, rape, assault, murder, and robbery per day.

There is clearly a need for greater levels of policing and visible patrols to reduce these shocking statistics.

3. Natural Disasters

Added to the escalating criminality, climate-related disasters such as flooding, fires as well as power outages are on the rise.

These require trained personnel who can assist when disaster strikes.

With the rise in arson attacks, fire remains a distinct threat to many business premises. It is comforting for both homeowners and business owners alike if they can summon trained paramedic response quickly.

As has been the case in recent years, criminals operate under the cover of natural disasters to commit theft and burglary. Deployed staff to secure your premises in these situations can potentially save you from sustaining huge losses.

4. Defense Against Criminal Activity

Criminal activity extends into all areas of our lives. The ports and railways are congested, leading to theft from storage facilities and containers.

Motor vehicle theft continues to be a major problem together with high levels of property crime.

Security firms provide an excellent first line of defense against criminals who target the weak and unprotected. Having someone whom you can call to come and investigate suspicious activity has proven to reduce crime in both residential and business districts.

Criminals soon get the message that it is not worth their while if an active security company presence is always visible.

5. Visible Security Presence

Not only does a visible security presence deter crime, but it enables a quicker response time to any reported incidents.

The police are understaffed and under-funded. This leads to a work overload that prevents them from effectively policing Albuquerque.

The provision of access control at business premises and larger residential apartments means less opportunity for criminals to gain access or get away after a robbery. Combined with security camera surveillance, the chances of a criminal getting away after committing an offense are greatly reduced.

Criminals will shy away from areas where they know response times are low. It is easier for them to go somewhere that is less well-guarded.

6. Armed Guards

In the case of home invasions and theft from premises, the ability to summon armed guards may be all that stands between you and a serious altercation.

It is at times like these that waiting almost an hour for the police to respond is not an option. Security companies that provide a 24-hour armed response service are vital in these situations.

Not only do these officers possess the training and experience necessary to protect you and your property, but they are also capable of apprehending suspects and preventing serious injury or death to their clients.

7. Unarmed Guards

Both business and residential areas can benefit from unarmed guards.

They offer a level of security that is perfect for retail stores and other businesses where petty theft and other contact crimes require a firm hand without the need for deadly force.

Customers and clients will appreciate the presence of security personnel without feeling fearful in the presence of armed individuals.

Areas that benefit from unarmed guards are the hospitality industry and malls.

8. Foot Patrols

Visible policing has proven effective in reducing both petty crime and more serious offenses.

But with the lack of trained police officers available, it is up to the public to defend themselves. If you know that you can summon a security response quickly when you need it most, citizens are more likely to intervene to stop or prevent criminal acts.

9. Loss Prevention Specialists (Under-cover Personnel)

With the rise in property theft (shoplifting), bag snatching, etc., an effective method is needed to counter these brazen criminals.

Loss prevention specialists blend in with customers and staff, providing an effective resource to identify and apprehend offenders.

These specialists are trained to observe suspicious behavior and identify weak areas in a business’ security plan.

10. Concierge Service

While not often associated with security, concierge services are an effective deterrent when it comes to petty crime.

The control of entry points into buildings and the presence of personnel in areas that criminals are likely to target is an effective deterrent.

It is also comforting for residents and staff if there are security personnel around, especially at night or at quiet times of the day.

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