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Are you a marketer of a gaming company? Is your company struggling to sell their products to the gamers? Maybe you are following all the marketing strategies that any famous gaming company uses. But what’s wrong with your valuable campaign? The answer is a lack of target towards the female gamer.

 Statistics say, 45% of the USA gamers of this decade are female. If you do not target the female gamers to sell your product, you will not follow the correct strategy. Even US Netflix in Canada is trying to get these consumers. 

Are you not satisfied with these statistics? Well, we’re here to explore female gamer statistics that every marketer must know before launching any campaign. So, read the whole article, and you will find the right way to organize your marketing strategy.

10 female gamer statistics marketers must know

             Women of this era don’t like to be lagged behind. So, they’re stepping into the gaming world without any hesitation. Gaming companies will lose half of their consumers if they do not make content for females. Here are 10 female gamer statistics that every marketer must know:

1.       34% of female gamers are adult:

Once upon a time, gaming was only for children. That is not the case anymore. If you would have to fight with your elder siblings to play games nowadays.

             The gaming world is ever-changing. The game creators are creating content that is suitable for adults. Many games are marked R rated. For example, you have to be at least 18 years old to play GTA 5, the world’s most sold game.

             The adults are congratulating these approaches. Statistics shows, 34% of female gamers in the USA are adults. Their age varies between 18 and 36. This shows why a marketer should target adult females to increase their revenue.

2.       33% of the gaming-related content creator of YouTube are female:

This era is ruled by the internet. The internet now covers almost the whole world. 

             PewDiePie is the very first YouTuber to hit the 100 million subscriber milestone. He creates gaming-related content for YouTube. That shows how large the number of gaming audiences is on YouTube. Among them, females are 33% of the gaming-related content creators.

3.       One-third of the female gamers pay for games:

Marketers find it difficult to sell paid games. The game creators are afraid of their game to flop. So, they make most of the games free to play. They only make simple games from which they can make only a few cents by showing third party advertisements. It hinders the game creators from making better games.    

             The marketers need consumers that will pay to play their game. Statistics shows, one-third of female gamers pay to play games. The female gamers are the perfect consumer that a gaming company needs.

4.       More than 62% of female gamers log in every day:

Every game company needs consumers that log in to their game every day. Maybe Your gaming company earns revenue by showing advertisements. Maybe your company may make games where people have to team up with strangers to play. Either way, you need active users. Statistics show more than 62% of female gamers log in every day. You should get these customers to your company to grow.

5.       Women makes more than 70% of the simulation game users:

If you make simulation games and are struggling to sell content, you need to target female gamers. Unsurprisingly, females are one step ahead of the males playing the simulation games named Sims. Statistics show women make more than 70% of the simulation game users. If you are a marketer of a gaming company, you should peek at these statistics.

6.       More than 40% of the female plays games that are suggested by friends:

If you are a marketer, then you know the value of the suggestion. You do not have to attract every single potential buyer of your game. You may attract one person. If he/she likes your game, they will suggest other people play the game. Statistics show more than 40% of females play games that are suggested to them. So, you do not have to spend thousands of money selling your content if you can attract these audiences.

7.       Most players of trending games are female:

What are the games that are or were on trending? You may say Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends, etc. You can’t even imagine the ratio of female gamers is involved in these games. Here, 71% of Call of Duty players, 52% of Minecraft players, and 57% of League of Legends players are female.

8.       66% of the mobile game user is female:

You may think females are not interested in games. But they’re a vast amount engaged in gaming. You will be suggested female gamers on YouTube or twitch every day. Even if you think about mobile games, females are also winners in this term, and the percentage is 66%. 

9.       More than 60% of the young girls play video games:

If you are parents, then you know how hard it is to keep the children away from the mobile phone. Your daughter or son both are engaged in gaming like a bee to honey. Statistics says, 60% of the girls, age under 17 years old, play video games.

10.   Top female players earned more than 20 Million in 2019:

Is playing video games a waste of time? Female gamers will disagree with that question. Female gamers who play esports online or attend different competitions are earning a lot. They have sponsorship, paid subscribers, etc. as well. In total, only the top few females made more than 20 million US dollars only in 2019.

If you want to know more about gaming, you can check out this website Source.

Final Words

             As the gaming industry is relatively very popular and profitable among other sectors, it should properly be investigated. If you are a marketer of the gaming industry, then you have to compete with many companies. 

To beat them, only the marketing strategies are not enough. You need to focus on female gamer statistics to become the most selling company. Keeping half of the gamers out of your radar, you cannot expect to see a blast on sale at the end of the year’s revenue analysis of the company. Female gamers are the missing key to your company’s success.

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