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People are very passionate about gardening and nature. The aroma of fresh plants lights up the atmosphere of the entire place while making it a permanent evening tea spot. With the mesmerizing choice of plants and flowers, people find it super difficult to fit everything in the limited space, considering every plant needs enough space to grow.

Similarly, picking a suitable fertilizer with pertinent bedding is equally imperative. Well, only consider stepping into gardening when you can spare enough time for it. A plant needs loads of care and attention, which requires time. If you are new to this world of gardening, have a look below at the 10 gardening trends to follow in 2020.

1.       House Plants

People living in apartments can’t help themselves from enjoying the essence of gardening. Even the unavailability of the garden is not stopping them from pursuing with gardening. Hence, in 2020 the trend of house plants is becoming popular every passing day. These are the indoor plants that require minimal sun exposure.

For some people, their house décor is incomplete without these house plants. You can find various designs and species of house plants too. Alocasia plants are famous for their huge leaves, the perfect fit for the entrance doors. Likewise, if you head over a nursery, you will see countless houseplants for different places in your house.

2.       Dwarf Plants

Don’t you like those tiny plants? Apart from looking extremely cute, they have a fresh aroma to light up the entire house. People love these small plants since these are an ideal fit for tables. You can place one on your center table in the living room, while another one on the dining table.

Besides, you can also grow these dwarf plants because they are super easy to manage and grow quickly. You have to keep in mind that these are already small plants. So, don’t wait for them to grow any taller and harvest them at the right time.

3.       Vertical Gardening

Don’t you think beautiful gardens are a vision for eyes? This is a new trend brought by 2020; people can’t stop obsessing over the breathtaking vertical gardens. It is especially for people struggling with space issues when it comes to having a garden. So, if you are looking forward to adding the element of greenery in a small space, vertical gardening is the right choice.

You have many choices available; you can add vertical shelves with plants inside the vases. Similarly, you can also insert some wall planters in your kitchen. Try growing herbs and spices to enjoy foods with fresh ingredients. Besides, you can always use some pot rings to hang plants in your balcony.

4.       Sustainable Gardening

Everyone is moving towards sustainable solutions as progress towards a healthy environment. Similarly, sustainable gardening is winning in 2020. People are looking for ways to begin, with the organic plantation, eliminating the need for pesticides. The main purpose is to reduce waste in the soil by promoting composting. It is an ideal way to maintain soil, which produces healthy plants and vegetables.

Similarly, it ensures that all vegetables are free from poison or chemicals. People appreciate the system of sustainable gardening because it is not only improving health but also closes the door for any sort of environmental pollution.

5.       Grow Your Own Plants

Who likes sowing seeds in the soil? Usually, children are also keen to sowing seeds from leftover fruits. After all, it is a great practice to grow your own plants. Some people like flowers, while others want to grow vegetables at home. Therefore, people are liking the whole idea of doing their own thing.

You can hit up Google or YouTube for some breathtaking ideas on how to put everything together. However, leave enough space between the seeds or else the roots of plants would collapse with each other.

6.       Urban Greenery

It is a way to promote greenery in urban areas. After all, the growing demand for infrastructure is not giving enough scale to forestation. Hence, in 2020 people are moving towards urban greenery, which includes plantation in balconies, gardens, parks, streets, etc. People are taking a step forward to insert plants in empty spaces and promote a green city environment. You can also get some huge plants for your balcony or for your house outdoors.

7.       Adding Native Plants

There are many people who want to begin gardening but are restricted by work and lack of time. For such people, native plants are quite trending in 2020. These are low maintenance plants with minimal watering requirements.

Do you know trees offer food for insects? The leaves of the trees are the one the sources of food for caterpillars and moths. Similarly, birds love having fresh berries from the trees. Some wildlife creatures even live on plants.  Many people have taken a step forward to grow trees for wildlife.

At the same time, these don’t need fertilizers, saving you from the hustle of picking a suitable fertilizer. For all people who can’t spare a lot of time, these plants don’t ask for much. You can easily place them in your house and look after them twice a week. Besides, they are a great way to reduce air pollution.

8.       Tech Gardening

We are moving into a digitalized world where everything would be a few clicks away. Tech gardening is also growing in popularity because it is making gardening like a cinch. There are apps that open doors for in-depth plant monitoring. It includes everything from water schedules to fertilizers update. It is a perfect fit for all those people moving towards automated lawns.

Alongside this, tech gardening somehow eliminates the need for pH meters. The apps and software can check the moisture levels in soil and gives potential suggestions for adjustments. So, if you are planning something different, then this could be your dig.

9.       Indigo Plants

2020 is the year of indigo plants. Everyone’s obsession with blue color has increased the trend of blue plants too. People are opting for plants that are blue and purple in color to give an aesthetic touch to the entire garden. Usually, this was a very common practice in the 1980s, and people can’t wait to relive the past trends. Thus, you would be catching sight of a lot of blue plants – blueberry bushes, hydrangeas, and many exotic ones. Don’t worry; these are not heavy on pockets.

10.   Multi-purpose Plants

Usually, everyone wants their garden to look breathtakingly beautiful. But what if the good-looking plants smell bad? Hence, you need to look for plants that have multiple features. You have to see whether a plant has a pleasant scent or else your entire garden would stink.

Similarly, check whether it is a source of food or not since blueberry plants are very popular for every feature. Most importantly, all the plants have to be mosquito repellent to close doors for any damage or infections. If not, consider placing them nearby the sitting area so you can take care of it.


Honestly, it becomes very difficult to pick from overwhelming gardening trends. However, it is important to pick the options that suit your interest and space. Some might seem appealing, but limited space is always an issue. Well, you can look above at the 10 gardening trends in 2020 to see what trend fits into your house perfectl

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