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The office is like a second home for employees because they spend most of their times working there. If you also work somewhere, then you can surely understand what we mean! So, a comfortable environment is essential to work productively in this second home, aka office. A+ Construction & Remodeling is a Design and Build Firm specializing in General Home Improvement, providing a full range of services anywhere from small design projects to full kitchen and house remodeling.

To get a homelike feel in your office, you can add a few accessories directly from your home into your cubicle or office. This will not only give you a homely feel but also make your office interiors classy.

If you own an office, even then you can promote your employees to bring any of the given things from their home for the office décor. This is a good and pocket-friendly idea to transform the interiors of your workspace.

Plus, you can also add new furniture for better transformation. You can contact office furniture manufacturers for this. So, here we are giving the list of 10 items which you should steal from your home and add in the office to transform its interiors.

  1. Area Rugs:

If the floor of your office has become quite old, then you can cover it up with colourful area rugs. You must have rugs at your home. Just take one from it to cover the area of your cubicle and give this idea to other employees as well.

Rugs of various colours, designs and patterns will completely change the looks of your office. And hey, you can also buy a new rug from any online store if you don’t have an extra one at home.

  1. Lamps:

If you want to add a personal touch on your work desk, then you can also bring a decorative lamp from your home. This will also give you extra lighting as office lighting is usually dull.

If you have many lamps at home, then look for one that will perfectly complement the colours of your office cubicle. By doing so, you can make your desk look unique!

  1. Books and Magazines:

Bookaholics can’t stay away from books. But, usually, offices don’t have libraries. So, you can empty one corner of your personal shelf to stock your own book collection.

Yes, you can add your favourite books and magazines here. You can read these during your break or for some refreshment in between the work. But, first, ensure that your boss is ok with this.

  1. Posters:

You must have a personal corner in your office. You can decorate it with your favourite posters, quotes and prints. Everyone has some posters at home. So, you can use any of these.

The best part is that you can change these posters when you get bored of seeing them.

  1. Photo Frames:

Usually, people have lots of photo frames at home. Some of them are bought by them, and others are gifted by relatives or friends. If you also have too many photo frames and they are just occupying the space of your cupboard, then take a few in your office.

You can use them to display family pictures, pictures of the office group or even motivational quotes.

  1. Kitchen Glasses:

So, you have bought new cups or glasses for your kitchen. Now, what you will do with the old ones. Well, we have a good idea. If they are in normal condition, then you can take them to your office.

You can use these as holders to hold your office supplies in one place. If they are transparent, then you can also colour them up to match the interiors of your office!

  1. Plants:

Plants will make the environment of your whole office healthier. So, you can also take a few plants from your home to decorate your office. If there isn’t proper space for adding some plants in your office, then you can take table plants.

Plus, you can also use terrariums to keep your little sapling on your table creatively. The best part is that even your boss won’t say no to plants!

  1. Empty Jars:

If you are planning to throw away those old glass jars from your kitchen, then stop there. Yes, because you can use these jars very creatively to decorate your office. Ok, here are the ideas.

You can use these jars to store candies in your office. If you don’t eat candies, then you can use these jars as pots for little table plants. Just throw away the lid and keep the sapling in the jar. Otherwise, you can also use them as lamps by adding fairy lights into them.

  1. Calendar:

However, no one needs a real calendar nowadays due to technology. But, you can add one in your plain desk front to make the place look creative. Plus, you won’t have to open your laptop or phone calendar every time to check the dates.

You can personalise your calendar by adding sticky notes on dates of meetings, report submission, work deadlines etc. By doing so, you will never miss an important office activity because this tangible calendar will be in front of your eyes every time.

10.Photo Bunting:

If you don’t know what you should do with all those printed photos that are filling up your albums at home, then use this creative idea. Take the photos which you can show at your office. Cut these in equal triangular shapes.

Take a thread and staple all the pictures line-wise on it. Tadaaaa, your photo bunting is ready! You can hang it anywhere in your cubicle or your personal space to remember the good old memories while working.

So, you can transform your office by using these items from your home. Talking about transformation, you can also buy new furniture from office furniture manufacturers for your office.

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