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A kitchen is where the magic of cooking happens and a relaxing environment for cocktail hour, a heart-to-heart talk, or a stunning party. Adopting a luxury modern kitchen design can make you enjoy this corner of your home even more. A luxury design style doesn’t always mean expensive furnishing and decorating costs, but it must have a chic appearance and provide supreme experiences.

You can many examples of wonderful design ideas on Pinterest and interior design websites, but what exactly are the secrets of the design concept that make the space look so gorgeous? This blog has broken down 10 luxury modern kitchen design ideas for you to customize your own refreshing space.

1. Customize Everything

If you have a unique taste for interior design styles, feel free to decorate the kitchen as you have dreamed about. You can decide on the style or the theme of your kitchen first. Then customize the style of the door, the lighting, and the cabinets. The materials can be personalized to your taste and budget as well.

2. Embrace the Shine with Metallics

To add splendid shine to your kitchen, metallic accents are a no-brainer. It has a wide range of uses, from wall art, sculptures, vases, and clocks to the furnishings of a bar. Customize the color of the metallic accents to your preferred visual texture. Warm metals such as bronze, gold, and rose gold are perfect matches for wooden furniture, while cool metals like iron, aluminum, and silver add a modern and industrial touch.

3. Break Down the Walls

Kitchens nowadays are not only a place for cooking anymore. Instead of an enclosed space where the lonely efforts of preparing family meals are made, it can be an open multifunctional space where families and friends can help, chat, and party. That’s why many luxury modern kitchen design ideas choose to break down the walls and make the kitchen an inseparable part of the living space.

After breaking down the wall, choose the layout of the kitchen. Layouts like L-shape, U-shape, and galley are popular choices you can’t go wrong with. A method for easy picking is to use excellent free CAD like ZWCAD. It provides a free trial and can create a 2D floorplan and 3D modeling for you to compare different layouts and pick out the one that best fits your taste and utilitarian requirements.

4. Add High-End Appliances

A common characteristic of luxury modern kitchen design is the wide application of high-end appliances, like auto-dishwashers, combi-steam ovens, and double-door refrigerators. They feature a built-in design to create a seamless appearance, a well-crafted mechanism to ensure long service, and the adoption of smart technology to offer the greatest possible convenience.

5. Create with Natural Stones

Natural stones are a timeless decorative option to elevate the tone of the space. In many luxury modern kitchen design ideas, stones like granites, marble, and quartz are used on countertops to introduce a natural vibe and add unique visual texture. These materials possess a unique beauty and are easy to maintain. Rare stones with an appealing pattern are also sought by upscale home buyers.

6. Consider Every Surface

Different from the plain and simplified design of most apartments, most luxury modern kitchen design ideas work with carefully selected materials for the flooring, the ceiling, and the walls. The materials are diversified and yet look harmonious as an overall style. They can speak about the personality of the owner.

7. Dare to Add Playful Color

Luxury modern kitchen design ideas don’t always equal conservative and stoic use of colors. On the contrary, many designers apply bold colors to create a trendy style. One simple way to achieve that is to use bright key colors, which can always add a neutral, warm, and vibrant character to your Space. If you have already decided on a darker and greyer key color, decorate the room with pieces in complementary colors. It can make the color palette rich and harmonious.

If you are not sure what color paring is best for your kitchen, try to simulate it with kitchen design software. Fill in the initial key color and the complementary color you’ve selected and see how the kitchen looks under natural and artificial lighting. Revise the color settings if necessary until you find the best choices.

8. Go Glam with Bold Lighting

There are more bold lighting ideas than crystal chandeliers to class up your kitchen. In the luxury modern kitchen idea example here, a row of glamorous pendant lights is mounted on the ceiling over the dining table, assembling a pair of jewelry. Another choice is to use a single sculptural lighting fixture with a bold look, adding a unique personality to your space. You can even decorate the lights with black finishes, creating a contrast and adding depth to your kitchen.

9. Develop a Flexible Dining Area

As kitchens become more and more multifunctional, having various activities around one dining table can create a messy household. A perfect solution widely used in the most popular luxury modern kitchen design ideas is to separate the dining area for different levels of seating. The low-level seating area is for breakfast and snacks, while the high-level seating area is for formal dining.

10. Consider a Home Bar

A home bar is a must-have corner for oenophiles in their dream luxury modern kitchen design. Decorate the home bar with a row of shelves on the wall to hold the glassware and drinks for short-term use, and design a dedicated wine room with temperature control to preserve the tastes of your collection for long-term storage.

Final Words

Till now, you have learned 10 luxury modern kitchen design ideas. To create your dream kitchen, it’s suggested you adopt an open plan, explore all the possibilities of materials for furnishing and decorating, and make some bold moves on color pairings and light designs. You can specify the functions of the space by dividing the levels of seating and creating dedicated corners for wine tasting and storage. Anyway, there can be more decorating possibilities based on your taste and needs. Feel free to tap into your inspiration and picture your dream kitchen!

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