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An antique brass tide clock is a gorgeous and convenient way to track your tides. The timeless appeal of these clocks makes them common today, and they feature a groundbreaking concept.

Clocks designed to display the tide’s hourly change are an ideal addition for any room in the house or office and even can function to track water levels internationally. In the following paragraphs, you will discover 10 of the great brass tide wall clocks featured on the market today.

We’ll also list some of the more important factors to consider when shopping for a brass tide clock.

1. Maximum Inc. Harbormaster, the perfect nautical navy gift

Timeless design meets modern technology with the Harbormaster from Maximum Inc. This solid brass tide clock combines classic beauty with contemporary functionality to keep you on top of the tide.

This unique clock combines tide information with Atlantic lunar times, resembling a traditional ship’s clock, and comes in four different finishes: brass, chrome, gold, and satin nickel. It includes quartz movement for precise timekeeping and has a built-in barometer and thermometer. In addition, it features an easy-to-read tide chart.

Composed in a nautical motif and ready for any nautical-themed room or a lavish nautical present, this gorgeous Harbormaster will light up any area. With its thermometer, barometer, and tide chart, it’s also a fantastic view!

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As much as it is significant to the naval services community, the Maximum Harbormaster device is also great for civilian needs. Only the high quality and valuable craftsmanship for Maximum Inc. devices make the specialists recommend these items!

2. Bey-Berk Tide Clock on 5″ Cherry Wood with Brass Bezel WS074

For the frequent adventurer, nothing is more important than the Bey-Berk Brass Tide Clock.

This wonderful clock, which displays the tide’s path through the high seas, looks spectacular in any room of your house or office. It is handcrafted from cherry wood with elegant brass trim for a striking finishing touch.

Mirroring the analog face, an acrylic lens makes the display easy to read, even in lower-light circumstances. Designed to offer precision, this clock provides a reliable time base for all uses.

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This golden master will always be a go-to for Bey-Berk’s handcrafted artwork and is well worth the cost.

3. Maximum Inc. Cronus Tide Clock

Timeless and functional timepieces are available on today’s market. Try your luck to find one that suits you best.

The Cronus time and tide clock is a glass-capped, LED-powered sundial that operates using AC or battery power. The 12 LEDs have a 1 to 2-hour mechanical countdown to the next high or low tide. The display is legible in the water.

Add a little style to your living room with a fashionable display of contemporary design. This stunning piece comes with a sharp screen and diamond-shaped panel, giving it a cutting-edge look. It features 12 LEDs illuminating the progress of high or low tides and offers a clear display of the date on the screen in white numbers. It is easy to assemble and requires only battery power or AC power.

The Maximum Cronus is not just for your nightstand. You can use it to discredit the early daylight hours by setting it to printhead the time when the sun isn’t shining. With twelve LEDs, it’s easy to read, even when you’re in the water. It counts the hours until the next high or low tide in 1 2-hour increment.

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The Maximum Cronus LED-powered tide clock’s functions that make it such a fantastic selection include its precision and longevity.

4. Fischer 103TD Tide Clock

Fischer 103TD: Ideal for mounting on the wall, this is a high-quality, solid brass tide clock from Germany. It’s available in several deluxe finishes with a 5-year guarantee. Some of the unique features are the highest standard of craftsmanship from the Eurasier Basic series, Special glass made of shockproof plastic, quick mounting from the bracket, and Extra precisely balanced synthetic sapphire bearing with an anodized aluminum motion axis, and so forth. It has a bayonet lock in the housing for improved battery charging.

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Overall, this is a high-quality Clock solely originating from Germany.

5. Bey-Berk Lacquered Brass Ship’s Wheel SQ562

Instead of readying yourself for this, the clock mariner in you has been waiting for this for some time now.

The Bey-Beck Lacquered Brass Ship’s Wheel Refunded Tide & Time SQ562 is a striking clock with a distinctive ship’s wheel design in a lacquered finish that will infuse your house with a warm, comfortable vibe, no matter where it’s placed. The beveled glass detail creates a sense of light and space in any decor.

This intricately designed clock beautifully displays time and features accurate information about your local high tides and tides. Designed to complement your home’s existing atmosphere, this aesthetic accessory will become quite the personal highlight.

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The Bey-Berk Lacquered Brass Ship’s Wheel SQ562 is a good option for a ship’s wheel. It is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. It is also very upscale and worth its price.

6. Bey-Berk Quartz Tide Clock and Barometer with Thermometer on Oak Wood with Brass Bezel WS118

The Bey-Berk WS118 is the perfect nautical accessory for any home that thrives off sea influences.

Equipped with a tide clock, barometer, and thermometer, this wall clock allows you to determine the current weather conditions.

A stylish and elegant watch carved from solid wood features a solid brass bezel, a clock, a barometer, and a toy thermometer with a child’s face.

The German movement in watches is renowned for its precision, while the barometer and thermometer feature of many watches provides a quick and easy way to check the atmospheric conditions. The thermometer on many watches can reach temperatures up to 110°F.

This clock and barometer are crafted from beech wood, with a brass bezel adding a touch of practicality and decoration. The included mounting hardware lets you hang this clock horizontally or vertically on your wall. With its classic design, this clock has an heirloom feel.

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The Bey-Berk Quartz Tide Clock and Barometer with Thermometer on Oak Wood is an excellent product. It is attractively designed and made of high-quality materials. In addition, it is quite accurate and easy to use.

7. Tabac Clocks Handmade Solid Brass Tide Clock B-TDE-WHT

This beautifully handcrafted brass tide clock is the perfect way to add a touch of maritime elegance to your home décor. This timepiece is sure to make a statement in any room with a high-shine finish and unique coastal patterns.

This piece was constructed with expert care from 31 individual brass parts. Every component was selected for its quality and durability, then fitted together with precision. Nothing was left to chance with this piece, ensuring that you receive a product that is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

The base of this structure is made from sturdy marine timber, harvested from rare trees found only in the deep reaches of the ocean. This material makes for an especially durable foundation, which will stand the test of time—literally!

Each Tide Clock comes with two AA batteries, easy-to-follow instructions, and detailed tide information. Getting started with your new clock couldn’t be simpler!

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Many factors must be considered when choosing a tide clock, such as size, materials, and accuracy. Based on customer reviews, the Tabic Clocks Handmade Solid Brass Tide Clock appears to be a good option.

The solid brass construction of this clock gives it a luxurious look and high-quality feel. It has been tested for accuracy, so you can be confident in its ability to keep track of the tides. The size is perfect for either desktop or wall mounting.

This looks like a great choice for anyone wanting a top-notch tide clock.

8. Downeaster 3080 Tide Clock

The Downeaster Tide Clock is an attractive nautical-themed decoration for any home or office.

This exquisite piece features a black and white case, with a nautical scene of a sunrise over the ocean on the left and charming home on the right. The tide shows when the tide is high, low, or somewhere in between, all at a glance. The tide clock is crafted from high-quality polished and lacquered brass, with hour, minute, and moon phase indicator hands all painted black for easy reading.

This nautical-themed kitchen decor is perfect for anyone who loves the sea. Its classic design is perfect for a coastal-themed interior or as a housewarming gift.

The mounting hardware for this clock is hidden discreetly at the back of the clock case. You can also use the pre-drilled holes at the back to mount it onto a piece of wood rather than directly onto your wall.

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The Downeaster 3080 Tide Clock is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable tide clock. Its high-quality quartz movement ensures great accuracy, while its clear LCD makes for easy reading. Additionally, its sleek design is sure to complement any decor.

9. Tabac Clocks Handmade Prestige in Solid Brass With Jet Black Dial

The Prestige Tide Clock is a fine quality timepiece with a polished brass case and jet black dial. The heavy brass case clock has a jet black dial with chrome hands, giving this fine quality timepiece a stunning look.

The Prestige Tide Clock is the perfect way to add a touch of tranquility to your home. Attuned to the rising and falling of the moon, which controls the tides, this clock never needs adjusting. It only needs to be manually advanced on those rare occasions when we put the clocks back or forward by one hour.

Need some ideas for a pleasant gift choice for coastal residents? Consider giving this handmade tide clock. Unlike the majority of tide clocks sold today, this particular brass case not only complements the appearance of the clock but also provides additional protection, so the air the ocean lets out will not affect its clockwork movement.

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If you are shopping for the best present for an auspicious time, this one is undoubtedly a great choice, with its weighty container of brass.

10. Downeaster ‘The Wave’ 3088

For centuries, lever clocks have been used to predict high tides in the Cape Cod area of New England.

Joe DeChromade, an artist, now makes this symbolic tradition more captivating by turning it into a work that not only functions as a decorative artifact but also as a vital tool.

A single magnet in “The Wave” moves a disc that rotates based on the moon’s gravitational pull on oceans on earth, showing two high tides and two low tides. Flip the switch to see “The Wave,” pulsating back and forth to show you the tides. The center disc simulates the oceans’ tides at a pulsing rate of one lunar second per pulse. Hand-turned screws resemble the movement of ocean waves.

Just plain tasteful, with additional details, but practical also because it can capture the cyclical pattern of the seas in pleasurable detail! Operates on a single AA battery.

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It should be an essential fishing boat and boating accessory for anglers and boat buffs! The Downeaster Wave 3088 is a tide clock that stays efficient while performing on a single battery.

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