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Ramadan is a time of praying, reflection, fasting and embracing the community. The holy month is a time when the surroundings are infused with beauty, warmth, love and an overall celebratory atmosphere. One can enjoy the sacredness of the month more if you decorate your home or workplace with Ramadan decorations. This will also bring you joy and a sense of connection to this holy month. Eid Party is sharing with you 10 ideas to creatively and meaningfully decorate your home and embrace the spirit of Ramadan by incorporating Ramadan decorations in your space:

  1. Follow a Theme

Pick a theme for your Ramadan decoration. This will give your office or home a sense of unity throughout the decor. You can pick any theme from Hessian to South Asian to Shabby Chic. A diverse range of themed decor is available on the Eid Party website so you can pick what speaks to you.

  1. Lanterns

Decorate your house with beautiful lanterns. You can pick a theme for your decoration and follow that theme through lanterns as well. This will give your Eid decoration an exotic touch. You can hang the lanterns somewhere or put them on tables in clusters to create an amazing effect. To add such lanterns to your collection, you can browse the Eid Party website.

  1. Lighting

Adding lighting to your house or workspace during Ramadan will give it a warm and inviting glow. Hang them on ceilings. You can also use them on windows and doors to add charm to your Ramadan decoration that will catch every eye.

  1. Banners, Buntings and Garlands

Transform your home or workspace by adding banners, buntings or garlands. You can add banners with text like Ramadan Mubarak. You can also use garlands with stars, crescent moons, and other Ramadan-themed shapes. You can hang such festive garlands on doorways or along walls.

  1. Table Accessories

The centre of every celebration – table! Decorate the table with various accessories. A table runner like the South Asia Paisley Pattern Hessian Table Runner or Black & Gold Moon & Star Pattern Hessian Table Runner will add elegance to your table. You can also get wooden letters Eid decorations or metal centrepieces for your table.

  1. Hanging Decorations

Adorn your house or workspace with hanging decorations like gold Spiral Lantern Eid Mubarak Decorations or Rose Gold Concertina Fan Eid Decorations. You can also get star-hanging Ramadan decorations and more from the Eid Party website.

  1. Balloons

Foil or letter balloons can be an eye-catching part of your Ramadan decoration. Eid Party offers a diverse range of Ramadan and Eid-themed balloon designs to add a pop of colour to your party.

  1. Backdrops

Elevate your home and workspace with beautiful backdrops from Eid Party. This will give your space an elegant look and elevate your entire Ramadan decorations. Add a multicolour backdrop to add a pop of colour or a golden backdrop to make the wall stand out.

  1. Ramadan Wreaths

Using wreaths of artificial flowers or green elements and other such ornaments will elevate your Ramadan decorations. Incorporate such elements in your house or your office to decorate entryways or doors.

  1. Wall Art

You can adorn your walls with wall art of verses from the Quran. Paintings, framed prints and other pictures that have meaningful phrases on them will add depth and spirituality to your house or workspace.


We hope this article helps you create a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere for your friends, family, and colleagues in your homes or offices. Ramadan decorations uplift your surroundings and will remind you of the significance of this holy month. May these decorations bring a sense of unity and joy to your environment. 

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