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Cloud hosting is one of the best things happened to modern day businesses. The amazing cloud hosting solution has allowed businesses to move out from the traditional method of business operation and reap on the advantages of cloud hosting solution. By using the robust cloud hosting solution, businesses of all kind and size have got palpable results and that’s why more and more businesses are now moving to the amazing cloud hosting solution. The proliferation of cloud hosting users is not surprising as the evolved form of cloud computing is not less than a blessing for most of the businesses.

Cloud hosting is simply shifting the desktop installed software or application to the cloud server either through in-premise or through a third party hosting provider like in the case of cloud hosting for QuickBooks. But small and medium sized businesses mostly prefer the third party cloud hosting services as it is cheaper and much easier to manage. Before the introduction of third party cloud hosting, the amazing cloud hosting solution was not feasible for small and medium-sized businesses but nowadays, most of the SMEs use cloud hosting solution in order to harness the below mentioned benefits.

Multi-user access

One of the best advantages of cloud hosting is multi-user access through which the admin is able to add multiple people on a single project and they are able to work on the file at the same time while getting real time updates. The multi-user access allows a firm to manage its remote employees with ease without losing control over data.

Global accessibility

Cloud hosting also allows small and medium sized businesses to grow on the advantage of enhanced accessibility. If a user wishes to access his application on the cloud then what he will need is only an internet enabled device and his login credentials. With these two things, a user will be able to access his cloud hosted application from anywhere and at anytime. The cloud hosted application can be accessed from any device like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.

High uptime

The cloud hosting provider offers you 99.95% of high uptime to the users and that’s why most of the people prefer cloud hosting solution over traditional solution. In the cloud hosting solution, the users get only a few minutes of downtime throughout the year and that helps him to maintain his continuity while increasing his productivity.

Better scalability

Small businesses have maximum chances of growth and that’s why they need to adjust their business need according to their growth. The cloud hosting solution provides the required scalability to the user as they are able to scale up or scale down their cloud needs as per their changing business needs. In addition to this, a cloud hosting user can easily switch cloud provider at any point of time.

Improved security

Business data is the most important data for any firm and that’s why they need to choose the best storage solution. The cloud hosting solution offers bank-level security to the business data as it comes intact with various security layers like encrypted data, multi-factor authentication, anti-virus system, firewall protection, malware protection and much more.


Unlike in-premise cloud hosting solution, the third party cloud hosting solution is very economical as there is no need to install IT hardware or hire an IT team for managing the infrastructure. All the cloud hosting solution are very economical and in most of the cases, they are equal to your weekly Starbucks expense. This is the main reason why most of the small and medium sized businesses prefer third party cloud hosting.

Round the clock technical support

All the cloud hosting solution providers offer round the clock technical support without any extra charge and that minimizes your hassle to a great extent. You can contact a cloud hosting provider through email, chat or direct call and get your issue resolved in minimal possible time.  The team that provides technical support is highly skilled and well-versed in solving problems.


After shifting to cloud hosting, a user doesn’t have to worry about creating backup. The cloud hosting solution comes with the unique advantage of automated backup as in most of the cases, the cloud hosting provider offer nightly backup. Creating manual backup is a very complicated, time-consuming and costly process but cloud hosting wipes out all such hassles.

Disaster recovery

Cloud hosting solution also offers disaster recovery solution to the user. Since the data is stored at various locations, in the case of a catastrophe, the user is able to resume his business without any delay after restoring data without any delay.


Whenever a new update of application arrives in the market, the cloud provider updates the application and this minimizes the hassle from the user’s end.

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