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Ever since it was established, the English Premier League has had the status of one of the best football leagues in the world. Lately, it has surpassed that becoming the top football league in the world and probably one of the top five leagues in any sport.

But what does make the EPL stand out so much compared to other European football leagues and even popular leagues in other sports? This article breaks down the 10 reasons why the EPL is the best sporting event on the planet.


This one is pretty obvious, the EPL is largely popular because it is a football league. And football, being the most popular sport on the planet attracts people and fans all over the world. And while the fact that it is a football league doesn’t make a competition automatically popular it is one of the founding elements for popular competitions.


There are a lot of other quality football leagues all over the world, and especially in Europe but the thing that separates EPL from these competitions is the sheer amount of competitiveness. The other top 4 leagues on the continent are often dominated by one or two big clubs, but in the Premiership, at least four to six teams present a challenge for every opponent in any given season. This is what makes epl betting a super challenging activity even for seasoned bettors.


The architecture, tradition, and sentiment are what make the English stadiums one of the most important factors in the football tradition on the island. There are stadiums hundreds of years old as well as the new state-of-the-art structures.

TV Coverage

The fact that we are living in the world of global media allow EPL to show everything to the world. Game, training, conferences, and even players’ social media are regularly covered by several stations and media outlets. This helps the EPL stay in the life of fans throughout the day, bombarding them with all kinds of news.


Being the place where the game was invented, football is a part of British tradition. And being the top class of English football the EPL is a part of it as well.


In the English Premier League players and managers make an absurd amount of money. It is no secret that they are one of the most paid sports workers on the planet and with all of that money comes drama, luxury, and scandals which make the league interesting even of the pitch


While the atmosphere on the stadiums can be theatre-like from time to time, in most cases it is absolutely beautiful to see the fans fall into delirium after a winning goal or even an equalizer. Passion is what makes the EPL fans stand out and create the whole atmosphere before during and even after the game.

The Derbies

The amount of derbies is in direct correlation with the competitiveness of the EPL. There are so many football juggernauts in the competition, that it seems that some kind of derbi is scheduled every week. These games bring even more attention to the league because they bring much more weight than other events between teams that are not rivals.

Top players

The EPL has been home to some of the best football players over the years. From one season wonders to players that have left a permanent stamp on the league as well as on the game of football. From eye-catching moves, spectacular finishes, and iconic goals, superstar players are one of the main reasons for the EPL popularity not only in places where football is the number one game but all over the planet. For this reason many football players all over the world dream of playing there.

Top managers

In football competitions all over the world, managers are always in the shadows of players, but in the EPL it is a different thing. There are dozens of managers that have become bigger legends than their players. Be it for their passion on the sidelines, their strategic mind, charisma, or loyalty, they have left a stamp on the EPL and its popularity all over the world.


There is no denying that the English Premier League is the top football league on the planet and one of the most popular sporting competitions in the world. While the popularity of the league might come as a surprise to someone who is not familiar with the game of football, season football fans understand that there are many reasons for this and they appreciate every game they manage to watch even in front of their TVs.

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