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Having beautiful curly hair is always a dream for many girls. Curly hairs always ad more beauty and charm to the personality of girls. Although there are many pros of having curly hairs but it’s really a challenge to take care of them on a regular basis. You have to do some real hard work to manage and maintain the hairs. Also, If you are searching for Hair Salons in Henderson Nevada, at CityLocalPro we offer quality hair services. Below we will uncover some important tips that can help you with this task.

1. Don’t Brush the Dry Curls

One of the most important tips to take care of your hair is to never brush your hair while they are dry. Using brushes on dry curly hairs leave breakages while splitting the twisted ends. Dry hairs always become fizzy when you try to brush them anyway. Always spray water on the dry hair to make them detangle and use brushes so that. Also, use the best brushes for this task. Efficient tools always give the best output and a good brush will help you to maintain your hairs curly the way you want,

2. Use a Wide Comb

A comb is one of the most important tools used for curly hairs. Using the right comb is as important as any other tool. For curly hairs always use a wide comb since wide-tooth easily manages the snarls. These wide teeth combs keep the natural texture and design while skipping knots and twisted. A small comb can do damages while leaving breakages since curly hairs are too close and thick. Also, we recommend you to use combs that are made of rubber. It’s always a wise decision to choose the right tools so you can get the results your way.

3. Take Care of Your Hairs While Sleeping

As mentioned early, dreaming about curly hair is very easy but taking care is more difficult than you think. While sleeping, you frequently rub your hair with pillows, and there is a chance that you can breakages if you don’t use your pillow wisely. We recommend you to use stain silk pillowcases while sleeping. These pillows are very soft and never hurt the curly hairs. On the other hand, cotton pillows are very hard for curly hairs and they can damage while leaving scratches. A silk pillow can prevent friction and lets your hair glide over.

4. Touch Your Hair Less While Washing

Washing the curly hairs is really a challenge for every girl. You have to avoid access to touching while washing the hairs. Curly hairs are very soft and can be damaged by your fingers if you apply more force. While washing the hairs keep the shampoo in your hands for as little time as possible and rinse twice using cool water. Moreover, we recommend you to keep the lather close to your scalp. Also, avoid over washing especially the ends of the hairs so the alignment will be maintained.

5. Use Curling Iron To Dry Your Hairs

There are many ways to dry your curly hairs. The curling iron is again an important tool to use for getting the best design and alignment to the hairs. Also, make sure your hairs are dry before you run a curling iron on them. We recommend you to use a small barrel iron on dry hair to guide your hair in the way you want. You can use 1 inch or 1.25-inch iron to get the best curl pattern of your hairs.

6. Use Moisturizing Products

Curly hairs get dry very often. And when they become dry for a long term the alignment starts to disturb and the hairs become fuzzy. In order to save your hair from becoming dry, you can use many products. We recommend you to use coconut oil since it is natural and adds many more benefits to your hair. Moreover, the are many other products specially designed to take care of curly hairs. You can use palm oil, shea oil, avocado, and other oils to save your hairs from dehydration. You can use other types of gels as well. We recommend you to use natural oils since they help you in maintaining your hair’s health and growth.

7. Use Coconut Oil Frequently

Many doctors suggest that coconut oil is one of the best ingredients for the health of your hair. It helps in repairing the damages of your hairs that are made at the time of washing or drying. Coconut oil also helps in the growth of the hair. Moreover, it is the best oil to make sure your curly hair is moisture-free for the long term. We recommend you apply the connected oil to the ends of your hair and leave them for at least 30 minutes and avoid sunlight. Moreover, you can cover your hair through a tower or any other soft cloth.

8. Don’t Over wash The Hairs

Don’t over wash your hairs since it decreases the impact of natural oils you put on your hair. Using access shampoo on your hair tends to dry out the natural oils that help your hairs to become strong and healthy. We recommend you to wash your hair a maximum of 3 times a week not more than that. Also, while washing the hairs always keep the lather close to your scalp and don’t wash the ends of the hairs again and again, and drain them out through best garbage disposal installed in your sink.

9.  Use Curl Specific Products

Curly hairs are one of the biggest fashions in the world with many products specially designed for this industry only. To get the best possible results to prefer to buy curly-specific shampoos and oils. Moreover, don’t use random tools including a hair drier and combs for curly hairs. There are specific wide combs and curling iron that can help you in the task.

10. Don’t Sleep with Wet Hair

One of the essential steps to not sleep while your hairs are wet. Sleeping with wet hairs can damage the alignment of the curl nodes and ends and make them flat the next morning. Let your hair dry at night and let it dry completely before you go to bed.


Curly hairs are always difficult to manage in comparison to normal hairs. You have to spend some time and effort to make sure that your hairs are not damaged. If you need consultancy about any type of help regarding your curly hairs you can contact us anytime. If you are searching for Hair Salons in Henderson Nevada, choose CityLocalPro since we provide the best curly hair services. Moreover, we guide our customers in each and every step by giving them the most important tips and tricks.

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