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There are many things to love in our lives, but there are many to hate as well, especially in the lives on women. And perhaps the center stage can be given, with very little debate, to periods.

Even though periods are a perpetual in the lives of women, they just don’t get used to them. Almost every month, there is whole new jig, and the bodies are put through the test of fertility, which by the way, comes at a very heavy cost.

Some women are fortunate enough not to have a completely horrible time, but others are not so lucky. Their periods and the associated problems like intense pain, then has them running to the best gynecologist in Lahore.

Hence, for the sake of public knowledge and solidarity with women, we have rounded the 10 things women hate about periods.

10 things to hate


Bloating is a condition in which a person feels full, as if they have had a big meal, even if they haven’t. Bloating is often a result of trapped gas in the GI tract, which then causes pain and discomfort.

Women before and on their periods get bloated, made also worse by water retention. Notwithstanding the discomfort, bloating also then has women running for loose clothing as well.


The real spawn of the devil, cramps are perhaps thing women hate the most. The intense pain that this cause is unparalleled. Worse yet, women then have to function through this pain, pretending their body is not trying to kill them.

Mood swings and others

Hot one second and cold the other is state of women before getting their periods, thanks to their hormones. When there is a war being waged inside of you, putting out a façade of it all being pleasant and fine is very hard.

Mental health otherwise also becomes fragile during the period time. Women tend to feel depressed, there are bouts of crying, blues become a constant.

Similarly, there are also instances of running into fights due to the quick temper, because of the raging hormonal fires.

Painful boobs

Just before the onset of the periods, breasts also become tender and painful. This can cause much discomfort, especially amongst the top-heavy women.

Inconvenience of it all

Periods are also very inconvenient to have. The entire ordeal is a hassle to take. The constant checking to see if you have had your periods, wearing clothes that are period-friendly –no whites please, but bring out the funeral black – constant visits the loo to change the period paraphernalia are just the tip of the iceberg.

Out of order body

There are many changes in the body that occur just before or during periods. Some women get strong cravings, others don’t get hungry at all. Some feel sleepy all the time, others develop a sudden insomnia.


Just before the periods, skin also tends to act out. There are many instances of zits making appearance on the face, or acne becoming worse.


Period blitz, as women will attest to, are a horrible time. During this period, there is heavy flow, which can make it hard for women to continue with their normal routine. There are added visits to the loo, constant changing in and out of things, clean up episodes that then require a lot of effort.

Period paraphernalia

Notwithstanding the problem with pink tax that women have to bear but deciding on and buying period paraphernalia is an added hassle that they have to face.


Apart from the cramps, there is pain otherwise in the body as well. In some women, the pain is so bad that they might even faint from it. Some might also need heavy painkillers or injections to manage the pain. If your periods are extremely painful, you should consult your gynecologist in Karachi for pain management techniques.

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