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“Hey, we are getting engaged” this phrase must have sounded exciting. If you have already gone through 1st step of the engagement ceremony, you surely are getting questions like have you decided the theme for your marriage? Have you made the checklist regarding your wedding ceremony preparations? Well as much as you are excited to plan for your dream wedding and your desired big day, your mind must also be occupied with loads of things. You might also be thinking “Oh Dear, I have a long list to prepare because no famous designer or Pinterest is going to walk through your door and arrange your dream wedding.

You might have saved various ideas on your “my big day” board on the Pinterest but when you start planning in reality, get ready to walk through a pretty rough aisle. Planning and picking up best for your wedding is going to keep you on your toes all the time long. You might get confused while picking up what you want and what is available, from choosing your dress to even designing the décor for the event. Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming at times, ask those who do it as a job for a living. Most couples hire a professional to plan for their wedding while they sit back and relax watching their wedding day being arranged right in front of their eyes. Some of you either with a huge love for DIY things or a tight wedding budget might shoulder this responsibility of preparing your big day on your own.

Lately, Australian weddings are gaining more popularity in comparison with American weddings due to their different ceremonies and customs. Australian weddings are more accustomed to different ceremonies and guest protocols which are not much seen in American weddings.  If you are on a pre-wedding vacation to Australia, you can visit the wedding expo in Sydney to get ideas for your big day. After all, you won’t prefer to leave the chance of looking for everything best at your wedding ceremony, will you?

You will be getting lots of ideas and advice from your surroundings about mandatory things you need to have in your wedding checklist, but here we are going to reveal things that you need to cut off from your checklist as soon as possible.

  1. Reception Spot

If you are planning to rent out a reception post that you admire but is too far away from your house, we will suggest you cut it off of your checklist as it won’t only cost you extra for transportation, photography, videography and will get you to miss a chance to mingle with your guests at cocktail hour. It will be convenient for you and your guests if your reception spot is at a short distance from your house.

  1. Super-Bride

It’s totally understandable if you want to be the in-charge pf your big day’s preparations as you have been planning and putting efforts since the day you got your date fixed. But think of it, if you are going to be on your toes throughout the preparation and arrangements, it’s going to leave you all dull and tired on your wedding day. We will suggest that you divide your tasks among your friends. This way, you will not only get time to relax and look after your other preparations.

  1. Huge Rentals And Purchases

It is always suitable and wise to budget out everything you plan and define your expenditure limit. If you are going to spend all your money on your wedding then we are afraid that you won’t be left with anything to enjoy your honeymoon period. Don’t spend all of your budgets on purchasing everything for your ceremony rather rent things out and cut your cost as it is going to be just a one-day ceremony.

  1. Décor Budget

Ever been to a wedding where the aisle and altar were looking dull but the flower entrance was just wow? Entering the venue might have given you great expectations about the altar and aisle yet you found it otherwise. Imagine, your guests getting the same perception about your wedding? Well if you want to be safe from such horrors we will suggest that do not spend much of your budget on floral entrance but focus it on aisle and altar decoration as these draw most of the attention at any wedding.

  1. No Rehearsals

If you are thinking you can just slay everything at the last moment on your big day and you don’t need to do rehearsals for that. Sorry to burst your bubble but you should turn it into multiple rehearsal sessions if you don’t want to look an uncomfortable bride. From your shoes to your wedding gown, rehearsals are going to make things easy for you.

  1. Customized Individual Invitation

Another way to go bankrupt on your wedding budget is by getting to print customized invitation to each of your guests. We understand you want them to feel a special part of your big day but it is going to leave you out of money for other wedding chores. It is better if you go for a simple yet elegant invitation printed for everyone.

  1. A Huge Bar

If you are feeling generous to supply your guests non-stop alcohol at your wedding bar then there will be no one left to cheer for you once you have taken your vows. Limit the alcohol and keep it restricted to simple champagne. Go easy on your pocket and your guests by not getting them too drunk.

  1. Long Essays

Don’t pen down every thought you have in mind for your speech on your special day, it will eventually get your guests bored and will consume too much of your time. Keep it short and simple and if you still have something left to say, use the toast time for that.

  1. Pinging Your Fiancé

We understand your man might forget about stuff, but it will annoy him more if you keep on reminding him about every little thing. It will be better if you two mutually design your wedding checklist thus saving you and your partner from conflicts and arguments.

  1. Last-Minute Vow Writing

Don’t wait until the last minute to write your vows, in fact, write it a week or two before your wedding morning so that you can make few tweaks here and there instead of panicking on your wedding morning.


Weddings are one of the most important events in our lives especially when it is our own. Every girl wants a dream wedding but not to forget it’s only going to happen for one single day and not your whole life, so go easy on yours and your partner’s budget and have fun making lifetime memories in a simple and effective budget fulfilling all that you want for your day.

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