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Cakes, cakes, cakes, bring me more cakes! Every cake lover’s desire is to try more and more of this delicious sweetness of Gods. Nothing is more delectable than a freshly baked cake, with moist and soft, mushy layers and oh-so-ever delicious flavours to experience. For all you cake lovers out there, here are a few unique cake flavours that you can try your hands on:


  1. Gulkand Cake

Nature sweetest candy, gulkand and everybody’s all time favourite, chocolate comes together in this scrumptious flavour. Brimming with unique flavour, this is must try for all Gulkand lovers!

  1. Paan Cake

Paan has been a dessert flavour since ancient times and trying the flavour with creamy chocolate cake will be no less than a party in the mouth.

  1. Rabri Cake

Flat out, Indians love Rabri! This sweet delicacy is almost everyone’s favourite. Having this flavour with a freshly baked vanilla cake topped with pistachios will be delightful experience.




  1. Orange Cake

Feel the tropical freshness in your mouth with appetizing flavours of orange and rich whipped cream, coming together to create fineness at its best.

  1. Tea Cake

What it feels like to have happiness in mouth for tea lovers? This cake. Tea flavour garnishing cream with creamy chocolate flavour is something not to miss.

  1. Coffee Mocha Cake

Calling out all the coffee-holics to try out this addicting flavour blended with chocolate. If this is not what heaven tastes like, I don’t know what is! Adorned with rich chocolate glaze and whipped coffee cream, this cake is a must try.

  1. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The dreamy tropic flavour with sweetness of pineapple is sure to hit the pleasure nerve. Baked upside down and with maraschino cherries, this cake is one of its own kind.

  1. White Forest Cake

Tired of black forest cakes!! Try this white forest for a change. Baked with love and white and brown chocolate, this cake is topped with white chocolate shaving giving it a fairyland look.


  1. Heart Shaped Vanilla Strawberry Cake

If love is in the air, then this cake should be on the table. With strawberry glaze and fondant roses, this cake is all set to exude a romantic ambience right where it sits. Filled with love, this one is sure to make memories cherishable.

  1. Mango Cheese Cake

Mango and cheese, two things that everybody loves. The magic that will be created by these two coming together, is baked in the form of this cake. Topped with mango pulp and fresh mango slices, this is your go-to cake for every extravaganza.

If you wish to try more cakes like these, opt for online cake delivery in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, or any other place from any reputed online bakery. Relish your taste buds and do tell us in comments, which of these unique flavours you like the most.



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