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While trusting yourself to be unique is key to standing out of the crowd and attracting someone, to really get someone’s attention, you have to do more than just rely on your special features. There is some common groundwork that one can lay in order to really manifest love and get your crush to start simping over you instantly!

We’re not saying that you should change the way you laugh completely, dress in a very specific way or only cruise certain topics of conversations on dates. You need to bring ‘YOU’ and everything you are made of, to the table to attract anyone. But if alongside all that, you keep these common tips in mind, you will be better than ever when it comes to wooing someone.

Here are 10 Ways To Be More Attractive

How to know if you are attractive? Check out these checklist of ten things and see how many of these match with the way you conduct yourself on dates. If over 7 of these points match with what you do, then yes, you are most certainly doing your best to be attractive. If not, then it’s time to get started.

Either way, here are 10 steps to be more attractive to people.

1. Being calm and relaxed in most situations

Someone who is hyperactive, irascible or troubled easily in situations does not come across as attractive to anyone. But people who are flexible, complain less and see the good in things are often admiredby those around them.

2. You are not afraid of making frequent eye contact

When you’re on a date, good eye contact is absolutely imperative. But by this, we don’t mean that you get to stare at them constantly or keep glancing at them every chance you get. Keep it subtle and don’t make them think you’re obsessed with them. Just remember, that when you are speaking with someone, do not look around here and there and stay focussed in the present moment.

3. Engaging people in conversations is your strength

You don’t have to have common interests with somebody to create a lasting impression on them. You two could be poles apart but still manage to create scintillating conversation. An attractive person, has that strength. They don’t use these differences against themselves. Instead, they find ways to maneuver around the conversation and have a good time regardless!

4. You are properly dressed and groomed

This does not necessarily mean mousse in your hair everytime or frequent mani-pedi appointments. You don’t have to be dolled up all the time to be an attractive person. It’s just that if you want to come off as appealing to someone, it is important that you stay clean and proper.

Keep your beard and nails trimmed, tie in place, shoes polished and clothes ironed. For ladies, make sure your outfit compliments the situations and that your hair is tidy. Yup, that’s the bare minimum for being attractive. Wasn’t that easy?

5. You practice kindness

Nobody likes a snob who makes faces at the waiter on a date. One of the biggest things that tells attractive and unattractive people apart, is how they treat other people. We’re not saying that volunteering at the soup kitchen every friday is key to wooing your crush (although that may help). All it means is that you should consciously try to be nicer and warmer to those around you.

6. Not taking other people for granted

Overall, someone who is grateful and thankful for the things they receive in life, is far more attractive than someone who is not. Such a trait indicates that the person is of substance and that they value and enjoy the little joys of life. Thanking someone for having dinner with you, or for opening the door when entering a restaurant are small and little gestures that will go a long way.

7. Smiling often

This one goes without saying because you must have experienced this a number of times in your own life as well. One is often more attracted to those who smile and radiate positive energy than those who do not. No matter what the situation, keep that smile on when interacting with people to get them to like you!

8. Keeping your body language open

When speaking to people or hanging out with them, make sure you face them as much as possible. Don’t cross your arms when you sit and use the appropriate hand gestures when conversing.

9. Have hobbies and engagements

If you’re boring on a date and don’t have much to tell about yourself, you’re going to come off as very unattractive. It is important to have hobbies whether it’s an instrument, or sport or even doing pilates. Small or big, your hobbies and the activities you engage in say a lot about who you are as a person.

10. Adjust your sense of humor as per the situation

Cracking a “That’s what she said” joke at an official work meeting might not work out in your favor if you are trying to be the belle of the ball. Assess the situation, the people present there and crack jokes that everyone will enjoy and won’t offend anybody in the room. Of course, having your personal sense of humor is one thing. But an attractive person knows how to use it.  

Hopefully, now you know how to know if you are attractive to other people or not. These key fundamentals work with everyone, whether it’s dates or coworkers or even just when making new friends. Remember, try to be warm, non-judgemental, kind and make the other person feel welcome. That’s most of what you need to know about being attractive.

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