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The Chinese company Xiaomi already proven itself in the consumer market and boasts not only excellent smartphones but also smartwatches, lamps, functional sockets, and even suitcases.

  1. Ballpen

One of the novelties of the brand will be a ballpoint pen. In it, you will not find embedded applications and other “bells and whistles of the future.” This is a regular pen with an interesting, original design.

  1. Toothbrush

The second novelty Xiaomi is also not intricate – it is a toothbrush. This thing is done without any smart novelties. As it turned out, the company has already released the second generation of toothbrushes. Now, the stubble on them has become much softer, the case is more reliable, and the handle is more comfortable.

  1. iHealth smart tonometer

The third new product was iHealth tonometer. This device was created for the category of people who need frequent pressure measurements. The device includes a cuff and a docking station. All data is transmitted to the smartphone via a special port or via Bluetooth. Check all xiaomi smartphones price in Pakistan.

A distinctive feature of this tachometer is that the device has a built-in battery, which will last at least five months, and a special application with which statistics of one or several users are kept.

  1. The radio

Fourth on the list – Mijia Walkie Talkie radio. Such a radio transmitter perfectly cope with its functions on a journey or hike. These devices are capable of operating on the same frequency in places where cellular communication does not catch. The gadget was equipped with a capacious battery, the performance of which exceeds one week. If the charge is not enough, then recharging is possible from the PowerBank.

  1. Monitor plant conditions

The next novelty is called Xiaomi Mi Flora Monitor. This gadget is designed for people who love to do gardening at home. A special sensor is installed in the plant pot, which will signal that it is time to water the flower.

For each plant, it is possible to create the necessary irrigation interval and maximum soil moisture. One battery ensures the operation of the device for one year.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Cube

Next comes the Xiaomi Mi Cube. This device is the remote control of any home electronics of the new generation. This device is able to perform completely different functions. After installing a special application, the cube will be able to control any home appliances.

To activate a specific function, it is enough to turn the cube 180 or 90 degrees, shake or knock on it. So, using this gadget, you can perform several functions simultaneously without additional use of your smartphone.

  1. Sneakers

Another novelty is Xiaomi sneakers. In appearance, they look like ordinary shoes, but inside there are unusual and interesting solutions. Specialists managed to build a pedometer in them and install original anatomical insoles. Due to these innovations, sneakers have become much more comfortable to wear and keep track of the distance traveled.

The built-in sensor accurately measures the distance, and all calculated data can be seen on your smartphone through a special application.

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi

The next invention is a robot vacuum cleaner. New technology company Xiaomi could not circumvent this niche by. The robot vacuum cleaner of this brand is a stylish and cute design. The operation of the vacuum cleaner can be carried out both automatically and in manual mode. The device is able to move along a low pile, and in the case of battery discharge, it rises to the charging dock.

  1. Mask for air cleaning

The mask – an air purifier was not ignored. This device is suitable for buyers who live in polluted metropolitan areas. This mask is equipped with a built-in filter and a supercharger, so throughout the entire road, you will breathe clean air that does not contain heavy gases and other impurities.

  1. Thermos egg cooker

The latest novelty is a thermos egg cooker. The volume of such a thermos will be 0.5 liters. It has a stylish design and perfectly copes with its functions. The cover has a built-in sensor and a small display. In addition to its main functions, a thermos can brew tea or boil eggs in special nozzles.

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