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Shredding your documents is essential, but it can be messy. When everything’s said and done, what do you do with shredded paper? Do you throw it in the bin? Call someone who can take care of it for you? Or let the shredding company handle the disposal? While each of those routes is valid, there are more than a couple of things you can do with shredded paper. And believe it or not, the shredded paper will come in handy around the house. Here are some creative uses of shredded paper that you should know.


Wrapping with shredded paper: If you are looking for a way to brighten up your gifts, why not use some colorful and creative wrapping? Use shredded paper as the base of your gift wrap. It will be perfect for those who love recycling. You can also find many printable designs online that’ll fit any occasion or person receiving the gift.


Making confetti out of it: Confetti is used at special occasions like weddings or parties where people want their guests to have an everlasting memory from the day. Make your own confetti using nothing but recycled materials like newspaper and food coloring if needed! All you need is printer-friendly templates and scissors (for cutting). Fold them in triangles and cut the paper into the shape of confetti.


Making a liner for potted plants: Pottery can be expensive, and if you have more than one plant in your garden, then it’s even worse! Save yourself some money by using shredded paper as pot liners instead. Not only will this act as an insulator (keeping the soil warm), but it will also protect them from heavy rains or when they are overwatered.


Making homemade paper: Making your handmade paper can be a lot of fun, and if you have kids, it can double down as a cool art project. For this, you’ll need pulp (like a shredded newspaper), water, and something to mold it into the desired shape, like cookie cutters or molds. This is an eco-friendly way of recycling newspapers around the house since all materials used are just that – recycled!


Shredded paper makes for great mulch: Shredded paper not only helps in protecting potted plants from heavy rains but also acts as a good fertilizer too. Instead of throwing away those old papers, give them another life by using them as mulch on top of soil surfaces where these plants will be planted. It will help in keeping the soil moist while also preventing weed growth around it!


Making packing material for fragile items:

If you’re someone who travels a lot and has to send things back home, it becomes your top priority to ensure they get there safely, even if they are all by themselves inside a box with no cushioning or protection from any side. Use old newspaper along with shredded paper as padding before sealing up your package. This way, it will provide extra insulation and protect them from damages during transit.


Adding some color to the garden: Sometimes, adding a splash of vibrant colors makes everything better, including gardens that look dull without flowery plants blooming everywhere! You can add life to your garden using nothing but recycled materials like shredded paper. You can make them into buntings or other shapes to add some interest to the garden!


Using it as ground cover: If you’re someone who loves building forts, then you also know how difficult it is when your carpet’s surface isn’t even enough to help build a decent base. Use newspaper and colored paper (if available) that has been cut up into small pieces to use as a floor covering instead of carpets around the house – especially if kids are running around all day long!


Making holiday decorations: Since holidays tend to be expensive, try making your own decorations using recycled materials like old newspapers and colorful tissue papers. This will not only give your home an elegant touch but will save money too! You can make paper chains, flowers, and other shapes to decorate your house for major holidays like Christmas or Halloween.


Making small origami animals: Kids love making little crafts using recycled materials, especially if it involves something fun like folding tiny bits of paper into different animal shapes! Make them out of old newspapers so they’ll be sturdy enough not to tear apart easily before you glue them together.


Use it as bedding for animals: If you’re raising pets at home, then using newspaper as bedding for them might be the most logical solution. Unlike straw or hay that can get wet and smelly quickly and are costly, you have an infinite supply of shredded paper and can replace them as frequently as you want.


Making gift bags: If you have to give away small gifts like candy bars or something else around the house now and then, use old newspapers along with some tissue paper instead of buying expensive gift wraps from stores. You’ll save money while also doing your part in saving the environment.


Turn it into a fire starter: If you love camping or having bonfires around the house, then recycled newspaper can come in handy at times. Use it to start a fire since they tend to burn faster than regular wood sticks – even if there’s nothing else available to use as fuel!



There are many ways you can use recycled materials like newspapers to simplify life, especially when it comes to adding colors and making your garden look better! Try using them in place of expensive gift wrap the next time you have a birthday party or other holiday celebration at home. Your wallet will thank you for it.


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